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The E-MAGIC magnesium-based battery project at FETFX website

Arianna Ricchiuti, one of the science communication students involved in the FETFX initiative Journalist-in-the-lab, has made the fantastic infographic "The future of batteris is (E)MAGIC" to explain the European Magnesium Interactive Battery Community (E-MAGIC)  international project, which is developing new technologies based on magnesium for energy storage. 

Anna May
04 June 2020

The EU project FETFX initiative Journalist-in-the-lab allowed science communication students get hands on with content creation in top European laboratories conducting FET projects. On February 24-26 they came to the ICMAB and the ICN2 and talked with researchers involved in CARBAT and E-MAGIC projects (with the participation of ICMAB researchers), and TOCHA and BRAINCOM projects (with the participation of ICN2 researchers). Now we have the outcomes of these days full of interviews and lab visits, in the form of infographics, articles and videos!

In the case of the E-MAGIC project, Arianna Ricchiuti, the science communicator student from Italy, talked with M. Rosa Palacín and Deyana Stoytcheva, from the Solid State Chemistry Group and researchers in the E-MAGIC project, during the FETFX visit on 24-26 February 2020. The ICMAB is partner of the project, which is coordinated by CIDETEC (Spain). The main role of the researchers at the ICMAB is "conducting experimental work to synthesize and test new positive electrode materials". 

You can read the E-MAGIC story "The future of batteris is (E)MAGIC" written by Arianna Ricchiuti in the FETFX website, and take a look at the amazing infographic that explains the main scope and objectives of the E-MAGIC project. 

E MAGIC Infographic Arianna Ricchiuti

For more information about the project, take a look at the E-MAGIC FET Proactive project website

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Cover Figure: Credit iCube Programme.


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