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The essentials of battery design materials at "AMR Materials Stories"

ICMAB researcher M. Rosa Palacín was interviewed by Accounts of Materials Research (AMR) Senior Editor Jiayin Yuan. 

06 March 2023

Accounts of Materials Research video series: Materials Stories Accounts of Materials Research (AMR) hosts authors and editors to discuss their research in a video interview series: AMR Materials Stories.

The interviews help foster greater communication among scientists and to promote public understanding of science.

In their fifth video, M. Rosa Palacin joins AMR Senior Editor Jiayin Yuan and shares her thoughts on battery materials design essentials and her advice for young researchers entering the field.

During the interview, Palacín and Yuan talk about Rosa's Viewpoint published in Acc. Mater. Res. in 2021 titled "Battery Materials Design Essentials", where she talks about the parameters that should be taken into accound when developing novel battery materials. 

"Developing novel battery materials (or even brand new technologies) is by no means an easy task. Besides technical requirements, such as redox activity and suitable electronic and ionic conductivity, and sustainability aspects (cost, toxicity, abundance, ...), there is a myriad of practical parameters related to the stringent operation requirements of batteries as chemical energy storage devices which need to be considered at an early stage" states Palacín in the conclusions.

"Doing so will enable maximizing the impact and benefits of the performed research, and hence a number of considerations should be taken into account when entering such research topics, related not only to material design and characterization but also, and perhaps most important, to performance testing. All these aspects will have a significant influence on the practical outcome of the research activities and largely determine the potential viability for entering the market. Yet, the market being dynamic, opportunity may have a significant time dependence. Thus, at the level of oriented academic research in the first stages of development, scientific creativity is still the key". 

You can read the Viewpoint by M. Rosa Palacín here.

And watch the AMR Materials Stories interview between Jiayin Yuan and M. Rosa Palacín here:

Reference article: 

Battery Materials Design Essentials
M. Rosa Palacin
Acc. Mater. Res. 2021, 2, 5, 319–326
DOI: 10.1021/accountsmr.1c00026

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