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The FUB+GRAN nanotechnology students from Manresa visit the ICMAB

On Wednesday, 30 May 2018, the ICMAB received the visit of the students belonging to the University Program FUB+GRAN, organized by the Fundació Universitària del Bages (UViC-UCC). The students of this program are all over 55 years old, and they all are curious minds and interested about all different kind of topics.

Jul 7, 2018

At the ICMAB, the 20 students who came could visit, after a first introduction by ICMAB Director Xavier Obradors, the Pulse Laser Deposition (PLD) lab, with Raul Solanas; the Low Temperatures and Magnetism Lab, with Bernat Bozzo, the Clean Room, with Neus Romà, and the laboratories of Gerard Tobias of chemical synthesis of carbon-based materials. 

The visit at the ICMAB was followed by a visit at the ICN2, during the morning, and at ALBA Synchrotron in the afternoon. This day was the last one out of 16 days of the course entitles "Nanotechnology and Social Challenges", in which they counted with Marc Boada (Associació Pèndulum), Xavier Obradors (ICMAB), Belén Ballesteros (ICN2) and Gerard Tobias (ICMAB) as lecturers. 

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The course consisted of 16 lectures: Marc Boada initiated the course with 5 lectures on technology since the Paleolithic and until the Industrial Revolution. Then, Xavier Obradors, Belén Ballesteros and Gerard Tobias entered the nanoworld, explaining what is nanoscience and nanotechnology, how are nanomaterials prepared and characterized, and what applications nanotechnology can have the environment, in energy, in electronics, in medicine and in our daily life. 

The students enjoyed the visit a lot, and we enjoyed having them too. Come back whenever you wish!

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