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The ICMAB Annual Report 2017 is now published online!

The ICMAB has published its Annual Report 2017. The document covers the most remarkable activities of 2017, a selection of scientific highlights, and the main outcomes of the actions supported by the Severo Ochoa project. You can download the PDF here and check out the website version following this link:

17 October 2018

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The Annual Report 2017 aims to give an overview of the scientific developments performed during this year at the ICMAB, within the Severo Ochoa FUNMAT "Functional Advanced Materials for Social Grand Challenges" project. 

Some additional new features of this year's edition: Some interesting facts about ICMAB during 2017:
  • ICMAB researchers published a total of 201 publications, with an average impact factor of 5.67.
  • A total of 15 PhD theses were defended.
  • 46 % of the PhD fellows and 50 % of the postdocs were from abroad.
  • ICMAB budget was nearly of 13.8 M€.
  • The ICMAB website received more than 80,000 visits.
  • ...
We hope you find this information useful and you can show it around! 
Links: Thanks to all the ICMAB staff, especially those who have participated in the elaboration of this Annual Report

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