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The ICMAB at the "XIII Fira d'Empreses" at the UB

On April 11, 2018, the ICMAB was present at the XIII "Fira d'Empreses" or Business Forum, at the Universitat the Barcelona (UB), after some years of absence. This forum is designed to showcase job opportunities and career paths and attract students in the final stages of their university degree, and is organized by the Science and Engineering Departments of the UB (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science, Earth Sciences and Biology). 105 industries, research centers and universities participated in the event, which counted with the visit of more than 600 unversity students from sixteen degrees and twenty-two masters in these scientific areas. 

08 May 2018

The fair was held at the university's Faculty of Physics. The ICMAB stand, with Communication and Outreach Officer Anna May Masnou, offered information about ICMAB's research and fellowships and internship opportunities for undergraduate and master students from 10 am to 6 pm. The stand received the visit of over 100 students, who requested information and were interested in Materials Science and their applications in the energy, electronics and biomedical fields. Many of them also gave us their CV and their email. 

The opening of the forum was in charge of the Joan Elies, the university dean (rector) which said that this event "will help connect all the talent of this university with the industry world". Other events within the Business Forum, such as the Roundtable on "False myths" and the "Cafès Col·loqui" counted with the presence of many industries and students. 

About the Business Forum

The Business Forum, organized by the Faculty of Physics and the Faculty of Chemistry, with the participation of three more faculties, Mathematics and Computer Science, Earth Sciences and Biology, is a very good opportunity for students to get in contact with companies whose activity is related to their studies. This contact may drive into a scholarship, an agreement for work practices or, even, an employment contract. An important aspect for the student is also training in skills relating to the establishment of the contact with the company, to be able to design and to present a good curriculum, to learn to do a good job interview, etc.. 

The Business Forum is also a chance for the scientists of the research groups to establish relationships between research and technology. It is also helpful to try to save the wall University/ Industry and promote the technology transfer, so important for the future.The Forum is for students of the degrees coursed at the mentioned faculties: Biology, Biochemistry, Biomedical Sciences, Biomedical Engineering, Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Computer Engineering, Electronics Telecommunication Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Geological Engineering, Geology, Materials Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, and also for the master students (listed here).

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