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The ICMAB website: the most visible of the CSIC

According to the Ranking Web of Research Centers, the ICMAB has the most visible website of all the CSIC research centers and units. In addition, the ICMAB website has raised to the 2nd position in the global ranking (in 2017 it was in the 4th place, and in 2016 in the 13th), from a total of 138. 

28 August 2018

This year's ranking has been recently published (August 2018), with data collected during July 2018, of a total of 138 CSIC reseach centers and units. 

taula rankingwebs2018

Figure: Image showing the first 10 research centers and units of the CSIC in the ranking (source: 

The CSIC website holds the 1st position in the ranking in Spain, and the 3rd in Europe and in the European Union

The visibility is counted as the total number of external links received by a site, obtained through Yahoo Search, Live Search and Exalead, in this case.

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