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The Institut La Guineueta visits the ICMAB with ESCOLAB

On Thursday, 23 January, a group of 3r ESO students from the Institut La Guineueta high school, came to the ICMAB to spend the morning learning about the new materials and their properties. The group could participate in two workshops to discover the conductivity, fluorescence and magnetism of some materials and had the opportunity to visit the X-ray Diffraction Lab and the Transmission Electron Microscopy.
24 January 2020

The group of students came thanks to the ESCOLAB initiative, from the Barcelona Council. The initiative is a platform in which research centers enter the visits they offer, and the high schools can register to them. 


In this visit, Anna May first introduced the ICMAB to the students. Then, Judith Oró gave a talk about the new materials and nanoscience and nanotechnology. Then, the students were divided in two grous and did activities around the materials' properties with Judith Oró and Anna Crespi. 


After the workshops, the students could learn why is X-ray Diffraction used in our center, and they could see gold nanoparticles using the Transmssion Electron Microscopy

Thank you for the visit! 


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