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The XXXVII Biennial Meeting of the RSEQ takes place in San Sebastian and many ICMABers are there!

Coinciding with the 100th anniversary of IUPAC in 2019, the XXXVII edition of the Biennial of theSpanish Royal Society of Chemistry will be held on May 26-30, 2019 in Donostia-San Sebastian. ICMABers from the Inorganic Materials and Catalysis Lab, from the FunNanoSurf group and from the NANOMOL group attend the meeting!

26 May 2019

With around 1,000 participants in the last editions, the RSEQ Biennial Meeting of Chemistry has become an essential event for the Spanish chemistry community because, in addition to disseminating the most relevant results of the chemical research carried out in this country, it also gives the opportunity to interact with a large number of internationally renowned researchers who will be attending as speakers.

This edition will be attended by 6 plenary speakers and more than 80 top-level guest speakers, who will deal with a wide range of subjects throughout the 22 Symposiums which will take place in parallel sessions during the 5-day conference. I would like to invite all of you, young and not so young researchers, to have a look at the subjects which will be discussed at the various Symposiums and contribute, either with an oral presentation or with a poster, to the session which best represents your research.

The Scientific and the Organizing Committees as well as the Symposium Coordinators are working enthusiastically towards the success of the Biennial 2019. 

rosario clara francesc bienal quimica

Some of the contributions from ICMAB researchers are: 

  • Francesc Teixidor: Is there stable one electron reversible redox chemistry beyond ferrocene?: The sandwich metallacarboranes
  • Rosario Núñez: Boron clusters-based conjugates and materials for potential biological applications
  • Jaume Veciana: Quatsomes: Novel Multifunctional Supramolecular Nanovesicles for Drug Delivery and Bioimaging Applications
  • Arántzazu GonzálezCampo: Curcuminoid-based Materials from Supramolecular Assemblies to Active Surfaces
  • Laura Rodríguez: Supramolecular luminescent Au(I) assemblies: from organic solvents to water
  • Daniel Riba-López: Synthesis of Curcuminoids as active elements in molecular electronic devices
  • Teresa Cardona-Lamarca: Curcuminoids: Synthesis, structure and applications

Contributions presented by researchers from other institutions, with the collaboration of ICMAB: 

  • Eric H. Hill, Christoph Hanske, Guillermo González-Rubio, Cristiano Matricardi, Agustín Mihi, Luis M. Liz-Marzán: Plasmonic Mesostructures Toward Plasmonic Monitoring of Surface Topography Effects on Biofilm Growth
  • Mathias Charconnet, Cristiano Matricardi, Christoph Hanske, Agustín Mihi, Luis M. Liz-Marzánb, and Andreas Seiferta: Optical characterization of plasmonic supercrystals 

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