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Three innovative LLAVOR projects awarded to the ICMAB!

A project to improve the security of the identification systems using magnetic memories, a project to enhance the duration of Zn-air batteries, and a project to treat corneal wounds with nanocellulose patches.

Anna May
24 March 2020

These three projects are the ones awarded with a LLAVOR grant for innovative projects with potential for being incorporated into the production sector, granted by the AGAUR (Agència de Gestió d’Ajuts Universitaris i de Recerca, Generalitat de Catalunya), FEDER (Fons Europeu de Desenvolupament Regional) and Secretaria d’Universitats i Recerca del Departament d'Empresa i Coneixement de la Generalitat de Catalunya.

The three projects are innovative, high-risk and cutting-edge research projects that aim to solve some of the current challenges of our society: secure identification, energy storage and wound healing.

The three projects are awarded with 20,000 € (10,000 € FEDER cofounding) each and have a duration of 9 months. The projects are formed by a Research team, formed by a Responsible Scientist (senior researcher) and an Entrepreneurial Scientist (PhD fellow or young postdoctoral researcher), and a Business Mentor, who supports the project and provides a critical point of view and the possibility of aid the testing and implementation of the devices and materials obtained.

The projects were prepared with the collaboration between the scientific researchers and the Technology Transfer Office at the ICMAB, which provides a technological point of view of the projects and advise with the industrial collaborations.

Here we provide you with a brief summary of each one of them:

flexible antiferromagnetic

“Improved Security magnetic MEMory device (ISMEM)” by Josep Fontcuberta and Ignasi Fina

The aim of the project is to develop new magnetic materials to store magnetic information with improved security, which could be integrated in plastic cards or other flexible substrates for secure identification. In contrast with currently available devices, which are typically built on rigid and fragile substrates and with a magnetically erasable information, the new materials and devices we propose will be flexible and magnetically inert.

The industrial partner of the project is directly involved on the production and commercialization of magnetic devices for sensing applications, and will produce reading/writing devices using the materials here envisaged, which is an essential step for future product development.

“Zn coating for enhanced cycling of Zn-air batteries” by Dino Tonti and Eulàlia Pujades

The aim of the project is to develop high energy density rechargeable zinc-air batteries, considered one of the most promising candidates for energy storage. These batteries are based on inexpensive and largely available and safe components: oxygen and zinc, and can be used with aqueous electrolytes. The main challenge is the reversibility and lifetime of the electrodes. Dendrites grow on the Zn anodes, which cause cell shorting. The idea of the proeject is to strategically coat the electrodes to tackle this issue.

The intellectual property produced and the introduction of the technology in a marketable device with a relevant industrial actor of the battery field is envisaged.

corneal project

“Novel Nanocellulose Patches to Treat Corneal Wounds (CORNEAL-BC)” by Anna Roig, Anna Laromaine and Irene Antón Sales

The aim of the project is to develop corneal patches made of nanocellulose loaded with therapeutic agents to act as protection, healing agent and bioactive substrate to accelerate corneal regeneration. The nanocellulose used, with great appealing characteristics to act as an alternative ocular bandage materials, is produced by bacteria, has a high liquid holding capacity, is biocompatible, endotoxin-free, flexible and supports the growth of human cells.

The Barraquer Centre of Ophtalmology will support the project and provide critical clinical view, key materials and technical knowledge for the successful advancement of the project.

More information:

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