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Three "Joves i Ciència" doing research in materials science at the ICMAB: superconductors, photovoltaics and MOFs

This year the ICMAB hosted three (3) students from the program "Joves i Ciència" from Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera: Carla París, Teresa Echevarría and Benet Fité. They came to our Institute to do some research stays with some of our researchers, in the fields of superconducting materials, solar cells, and metal-organic-frameworks (MOFs). And they dit SUCH a great job!

Jul 29, 2019
Some of them could go inside the clean room, or did some experiments in different laboratories, some did measurements with our XRD or SEM instruments, and some programmed a new process with the LabView software. All of them enjoyed their stay here and are happy to have come! 

collage pic

Carla París, Bernet Fité, and Teresa Echevarría.at the ICMAB: presenting their projects, at the AFM and TEM, and with their supervisors. 

On 25 July 2019 they presented their final projects: Benet Fité did a LabView programme to proof that the superconducting materials synthesis process performed at the ICMAB is 100 times than the conventional processes, Carla París presented the research on a new type of perovskites for photovoltaic energy, and Teresa Echevarría presented a video on the process to synthesize MOFs with supercritical carbon dioxide. Benet and Carla will also do their Final Year Project with us. 

"Thanks to everyone for making the most out of this short insight into the research world" said Benet Fité after his presentation. And he added "What I've learnt about research, is that you've got to be patient"

 Carla París also commented this "When you start something, you never know how it's going to end. I expected to go much faster, but the precursor wouldn't dissolve with the solvents... so the process was longer than expected"

And Teresa Echevarría added "It was supercool to work with supercritical carbon dioxide, but it is true that sometimes you have to wait a lot of time for the experiments to happen. So yes, patience is needed!" 

Thank you to Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera for this opportunity, and thank you to the researchers Mariona Coll, Teresa Puig, and Ana M. López-Periago, and their research groups, for hosting them here! 

joves ciencia 2019

Carla París, Bernet Fité, and Teresa Echevarría.at the ICMAB.. Good luck!

The projects and researchers in which they collaborated are the following:

Project 1: Cèl·lules Solars amb Química! (Solar cells with chemistry!)

  1. Research groupSuperconducting Materials and Large Scale Nanostructures
  2. Researcher: Mariona Coll
  3. Student: Carla París
Project 2: Preparació de materials porosos utilitzant eines de química sostenibles (Preparation of porous materials using sustainable chemistry tools)
  1. Research group: Solid State Chemistry – Supercritical Fluids and Functional Materials
  2. Researcher: Ana María López-Periago
  3. Student: Teresa Echevarría
Project 3: Nous materials superconductors pel repte energètic (New superconducting materials for the energy challenge)
  1. Research group: Superconducting Materials and Large Scale Nanostructures
  2. Researcher: Teresa Puig
  3. Student: Benet Fité
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