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Three students spend three weeks at ICMAB with the UAB Argó Program

The ICMAB hosted this year trhee students from the UAB Argó Program. They were with us during the end of June and beginning of July. Many of our Scientific Equipment Platforms participated in the programme!
19 August 2021
The three students at ICMAB participating at the UAB Argó Program 2021
The three students at ICMAB participating at the UAB Argó Program 2021

Once again, the UAB offers high-school students the possibility of doing a research stay at the UAB or in one of the research centers of the UAB campus, to get to know the tasks that are usually carried out in laboratories, departments,or research institutes. On 2020 the program was cancelled, due to the pandemic situation, and this year 2021 we had to limit the number of students to only three, so that they could be with the Scientic and Techncial Services technicians without any problems. 

The ICMAB has been collaborating with the Argó Program and hosting students since 2011. The stays provide students with first-hand guidance and advice from the researchers and technicians of the center, as well as the possibility to interact with the researchers and explore the scientific activities they carry out.

At the ICMAB, the students learn some of the techniques used by researchers to characterize the materials they synthesize, such as:

visita jove i ciencia 16

Guided visit at the Scientific and Technical Services at the ICMAB. 

The three students had just finished 1st BTX and were working on their Research Project (Treball de Recerca). One of the activities during their stay, was to guide another group of students (from the Joves i Ciència program, from Fundació La Pedrera), around the different Scientific and Technical Services they had visited. 

After their stay, all three said they enjoyed it a lot and that they learnt a lot of different new things. 

Thank you Judith Oró for coordinating the stay for the three students and organizing the activitites at ICMAB for them. And to all the staff for their time and effort. 

visita jove i ciencia 07

The students could enjoy the explanations of Ferran Vallès and Bernat Bozzo about the quantum levitation train, which uses superconducting materials. 

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