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Trieste, 10-11 DEC 2019: 1st EUSMI/NFFA-Europe Joint School on Data Management

The 1st EUSMI/NFFA-Europe Joint School on Data Management will take place in Trieste, Italy, on 10-11 December 2019. The course is in the framework of the NFFA-Europe project, which integrates 20 partners, including the ICMAB.

23 August 2019

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The European Commission encourages Open Science and FAIR data, since it is recognised that they improve and accelerate scientific research, increase the engagement of society and contribute significantly to economic growth. Therefore, all H2020 European projects that produce, collect or process research data are recommended to start dealing with the issues related, as detailed in the Guidelines on Open Access to Scientific Publications and Research Data in Horizon 2020.

NFFA-Europe and EUSMI projects support the principle of open data access as a fundamental part of their mission. Both projects implemented their own data repositories based on NextCloud tool, a file share and collaboration platform. These data repositories are installed and hosted at CNR-IOM, under its custody.

These instruments offer NFFA-Europe and EUSMI users a secure mean of data storage and retrieval, easily accessible from every device, and gives the possibility to access and process scientific data collaborating in real-time with other team members.Moreover, NFFA-Europe set up the first integrated Information and Data management Repository Platform (IDRP) for the nanoscience community.

The IDRP infrastructure allows users to access, share and publish their long-tail data, becoming a recommended part of the mainstream in nanoscience, also thanks to the integration of the emerging EUDAT service B2SHARE.

The aim of this school is to train local providers and users on the concepts of FAIR and open data, with a focus on the innovative data repositories and IDRP tools, in order to create a class of scientists aware of proper scientific data management techniques.

The school will have short introductory lectures and will focus more on hands-on lab sessions, where the participants will practice on data repositories and the associated data management tools.

More information and a link for registration is available on the school website: 

More information: 

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