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Two new laser techniques to make hybrid electrodes at Transfiere 2022

The forum for Science, Technology and Innovation will occur on 16-17 February 2022 in Málaga.

Transifere is a professional, multisector forum aimed at knowledge transfer, with a focus on business opportunities and networking. It is one of the biggest events in the south of Europe and it is being celebrated on February 16-17 2022, in Málaga.

14 February 2022
Ángel Pérez / ICMAB
Ángel Pérez / ICMAB

Themed panels and conferences afford attendees the chance to get information from relevant sources in science, technology and business.

One of the many technologies presented at Transfiere are two innovative laser techniques for the advanced fabrication of nanocarbon-based superacapacitors, being developed by Project IP Ángel Pérez, ICMAB Researcher from the Laser Processing Group.

A picture of an electrode, it is a small rectangular black sample supported on aluminium paper and it is slightly bent.

A picture of a nanocarbon-based hybrid electrode. | ICMAB

“Our objective is to develop two fast, versatile, environmentally sustainable, low cost and easy to industrialize technologies for the fabrication of high-performing supercapacitors”, says Ángel Pérez. “These technologies exploit the potential of laser radiation to heat up materials to high temperatures in ultra-short time to transform materials at the nanoscale and improve their capacity to store energy".

The many potential applications of this technology in electronic devices, batteries, power supply systems, electric vehicles or smart grids point towards an appealing opportunity of technology transfer, which is why it will be presented at Transfiere, under the "Energy for Society" XRE4S network.

XRE4S is a R+D+I Network in the energy field that promotes the technology transfer and valorization of energy technologies to industry and society. From ICMAB, 5 research groups participate in this network, which is also supported by our Technology Transfer Office.

Open Innovation Area at Transfiere

At Transfiere, this technology will be presented on the Open Innovation Area, on the Innovative Energy Solutions for Industry, that will take place on Thursday 17 February 2022 at 12 pm, by the hand of ICMAB Knowledge Transfer Officer Alfonso del Rey.

Take a look at the programme and watch out for "Fabricación avanzada de electrodos híbridos basados en nanocarbono para almacenamiento de energía"!

At the end of last year, Ángel Pérez and Eniko Gyorgy received a Proof-of-Concept R&D grant by the Agencia Estatal de Investigación (AEI) to help in the valorization and transfer of the technology methods related to the fabrication of hybrid superconductors by means of CVD and laser processing techniques. A big focus of this project falls on the training of the members of the two groups that are working on it, experts in the growth of nanocarbon electrodes using plasma techniques (ENPHOCAMAT-UB) and laser processing (LPR-ICMAB).

The project is now looking for partners in laser processing and vacuum manufacturing, suppliers of precursor materials, and industrial partners in areas related to electronics, smart grids, or electric/hybrid vehicles.

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