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M. Rosa Palacín at the Nobel Prize 2019 UAB Conferences

Every year the UAB organizes the Nobel Prize 2019conferences to talk about the science topics of the Nobel Prize. This year, M. Rosa Palacín, ICMAB researcher, will give the talk about the Nobel Prize 2019 in Chemistry, which was given to J. B. Goodenough, M. S. Whittingham and A. Yoshino for the Lithium-ion Batteries. The talks will be on Tuesday, 10 December, at 12 pm at the "Sala d'actes". 

10 December 2019

Day: Tuesday, 10 December 2019
Time: 12 pm
Venue: Sala d'Actes, Facultats de Ciències i Biociències, UAB

Química. Bateries de ions de liti

J. B. Goodenough, M. S. Whittingham i A. Yoshino.
A càrrec de la Dra. Rosa Palacín, ICMAB/CSIC

Fisiologia o Medicina. The different faces of hypoxia: from its essential role in physiological processes to pathological conditions

W. G. Kaelin Jr, Sir P. J. Ratcliffe i G. L. Semenza.
A càrrec del Dr. Isaac Almendros, Dept de Biomedicina, UB Física.

L'evolució de l'univers i el lloc de la Terra en el cosmos

J. Peebles, M. Mayor i D. Queloz.
A càrrec del Dr. Diego Pavón, Dept de Física, UAB

More information:

Read here the news appeared at the ICMAB website about the Nobel Prize 2019 in Chemistry: Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2019: a close look from an ICMAB point of view (by M. Rosa Palacín and Josep Fontcuberta)

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