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UAB, 12 FEB 2020: "Energia i Canvi Climàtic" with M. Rosa Palacín #11F

In the framework of the International Day for Women and Girls in Science (11 February), the UAB organizes a colloquim about Energy and Climate Change (Energia i Canvi Climàtic), in which M. Rosa Palacín, ICMAB researcher expert in the field of batteries, will participate. The event will be at 1 pm at the "Sala d'actes" (Edifici C), Science Faculty, UAB. Come and join us!

28 January 2020

The colloquim participants are:

  • Marta Torres Gunfaus, senior researcher on climate and energy at IDDRI (Institut of Sustainable Development and International Relations. She will talk about "Politics, compromises and climate action... in line with what the science tells us?"
    She is @MTorresGunfaus in Twitter. 
  • M. Rosa Palacín, senior researcher on battery research at ICMAB-CSIC (Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona). She will talk about "Electric vehicles... to the energy sustainability?"
    She is @MRosaPalacin in Twitter.
  • Anna Pérez Català, she is an environmental scientist specialised in climate change and development, and Co-Director of Climate Tracker. She will talk about "Communication: an efficient tool in the fight against climate change?"
    She is @AnnaPerezCatala in Twitter.

When? 12 February at 1 pm to 2:45 pm
Where? Sala Actes - Edifici C - Facultat de Ciències UAB

#11F     #11Febrer      #UABclima

Download the leaflet here

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