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UAB Doctoral Programme in Chemistry


This doctoral programme consists essentially in carrying out an original, unpublished research project and the corresponding production of a written document. The public defence of the doctoral thesis offers the possibility of obtaining the qualification of PhD, which is the highest in higher education. In the case of the PhD programme in Chemistry at the UAB the research project is carried out within the lines of research of the Department of Chemistry, which are described below.

The PhD programme in Chemistry is aimed at the preparation of researchers, with emphasis on research methodology and techniques. This programme also consolidates the diversity of viewpoints, approaches and balance between basic and applied research, offering a rich intellectual atmosphere. This is a necessary condition for achieving quality doctoral research and the production of the doctoral thesis leading to the PhD qualification.

Candidate profile

Applicants should have recognised research experience, thorough knowledge of the basic concepts and tools in chemistry, an ability to assimilate new knowledge, and a command of English, which is a commonly used language on this programme.

Professional opportunities

This PhD programme provides the following principal career options:

  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industries .
  • Universities and research centres.

Objectives and justification

The PhD programme in Chemistry seeks to satisfy the needs of society for professionals in the field of chemistry, a question that goes beyond our borders and an international demand. For that reason the PhD in Chemistry is open to students from home and abroad. The main objective is to train PhDs to occupy jobs in the chemical sector, universities and research centres. The programme has a strong commitment to the needs of the current labour market and is therefore centres on the training of quality professionals and researchers in a broad range of areas of chemistry. 


This PhD programme obtained the prestigious Mention for Excellence of the Ministry of Education for the RD 1393/2007, which enabled the program could be submitted to calls for mobility grants for students and teachers, and that had other advantages in public calls.
Number of places available: 40
Fees: aprox. €540 per year View detail of the PhD's fees

Languages in which the thesis may be written: Catalan, Spanish, English.
Organising universities and institutions: Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Associated departments or institutes: Department of Chemistry 
Collaborating institutions: Institut de Ciència de Materials de Barcelona (ICMAB), Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICN2), Institute of Microelectronics of Barcelona - National Microelectronics Center (IMB- CNM)

Composition of the academic committee for the PhD programme

The academic committee of the doctoral program in Chemistry is composed of professors from different areas of knowledge of the Chemistry department, in addition to the coordinator of the doctoral program:

  • Gregorio Ujaque Pérez (president, coordinator, UAB Department of Chemistry)
  • Xavier Sala Román (secretary, UAB Department of Chemistry)
  • Félix Busqué Sánchez (chair, UAB Department of Chemistry)
  • Daniel Maspoch Comamala (chair, ICN2)
  • Rosario Núñez Aguilera (chair, ICMAB)
  • Mireia Baeza Labat (chair, UAB Department of Chemistry)


  • Secretary of the Department of Chemistry, Contact: Elena Jiménez, Phone: +34 93 581 19 97, E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For more information, visit the UAB PhD in Chemistry site.


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