"Un investigador a la teva aula" brings Imma Ratera to the secondary highschool INS Alba del Vallès

The programme A researcher in your classroom "Un investigador a la teva aula" brought Imma Ratera, researcher at the NANOMOL group, to the secondary highschool INS Alba del Vallès, in Sant Fost de Campsentelles (Vallès Oriental) on 18 October 2018.

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Imma explained her career path, and her research in a didactic way. She also showed some of the materials that we create here at ICMAB and that we have gathered in the "Nanomaterials Kit". Her talk was for students studying physics and chemistry from 3r-4t ESO at INS Alba del Vallès. 

"Va anar molt bé! Sempre és satisfactori explicar el que fem des d'un altre punt de vista i que els que escolten ho valorin" explained Imma Ratera.

Imma Ratera’s interests are focused on the design and synthesis of novel multifunctional organic electroactive and radical molecules and their molecular and supramolecular chemistry. Her group is interested in the properties of these molecules once nanostructured as self-assembled monolayer, organic nanoparticle or hydrogels towards applications in different fields such as molecular electronics and biology. 

Thank you to the teachers from the INS Alba del Vallès who contacted us! 

For more information about the programme, visit: http://icmab.es/training/a-researcher-in-your-classroom 

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