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Amanda Muñoz and Pamela Machado participate in the CSIC #YoInvestigo video contest

Two of our PhD researchers, Amanda Muñoz and Pamela Machado, have participated in the CSIC Video Contest “Yo Investigo. Yo soy CSIC”, in which they have to explain their PhD Thesis in 3 minutes! You can vote by clicking "like" to the videos until 13 December 2019. 

13 November 2019

This is Amanda's video! Vote for Amanda Muñoz and her research on C. elegans and nanocellulose to fight cancer!

This is Pamela's video! Vote for Pamela Machado and her research on new perovskites for photovoltaic energy!


  • First prizes: Three prizes of up to 5,000 € for a stay in a national or international research group.
  • Second prizes: Seven prizes of up to 700 € for attending a specialisation course or scientific congress.
  • Recognition of scientific dissemination: the ten finalists will receive a certificate of scientific dissemination from the CSIC.

Popular Vote:

All the videos of the participants are in the Youtube List “Yo Investigo. Yo soy CSIC”: 
  • The voting period will be from November 12 to December 13 at 2 pm. 
  • The two most voted videos will become finalists.
  • On 16 December, the 10 finalist videos will be announced.

Selection of the jury:

Eight of the finalists will be chosen from all the videos of the participants by a committee of experts. This committee is formed by five experts in science communication and dissemination. 

Awards Ceremony:

The awards ceremony will be held on Friday, January 10, 2020 at the CSIC Assembly Hall in Madrid.

About the contest:

The Department of Postgraduate and Specialization (DPE) of the CSIC has organized the science outreach contest “Yo Investigo. Yo soy CSIC” with the aim that predoctoral researchers from the CSIC present their doctoral thesis to a non-specialist audience through a video of maximum 3 minutes in duration.

The aim of the "Yo Investigo. Yo soy CSIC" competition is to give visibility to the research carried out in our research groups and to encourage doctoral students to develop their communication skills and improve their CV if they win any of the prizes.

yo investigo

In this link you will find all the information: 

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