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Watch here the video of #LasCientíficasCuentan with Teresa Puig and the ULTRASUPERTAPE ERC project

Watch here the video of the ULTRASUPERTAPE project, the ERC Advanced Grant project awarded to Teresa Puig, explained here in plain words for everyone to understand! 

20 September 2018

Video produced by FilmoCiencia for the project "Las Científicas Cuentan", an initiative from CSIC-Bruselas and funded by the FECYT

Teresa Puig gave on Wednesday, September 19, the talk about her ERC project at the Biblioteca Sagrada Família (Barcelona). On Friday, September 21, she will participate in a roundtable discussion with Marta Mas-Torrent and other researchers, about the role of women in science (Residència d'Investigadores del CSIC (Barcelona), 6 pm).

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Download here the poster

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