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We are hiring! New PhD positions with FPI and Severo Ochoa contracts!

The Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities opens the call, from 17 October to 7 November 2019, to the Predoctoral Contrats: FPI (Formación Personal Investigador) and Severo Ochoa contracts (for Severo Ochoa centers). See the ICMAB projects and apply! We have many projects related to functional materials for energy, electronics and biomedicine applications for you!

16 October 2019

ICMAB Severo Ochoa projects:

  • SEV-2015-0496-19-1: Materials for energy storage or conversion (Research Line 1; Coordinator: Mariano Campoy Quiles)
  • SEV-2015-0496-19-2: Functional oxide materials for superconducting or energy application (Research Line 2; Coordinator: Teresa Puig)
  • SEV-2015-0496-19-3: Oxide materials for electronics (Research Line 3; Coordinator: Josep Fontcuberta)
  • SEV-2015-0496-19-4: Multifunctional biomaterials (Research Line 5; Coordinator: Immaculada Ratera)

ICMAB FPI projects:

  • EXCELENCIA: PGC2018-095411-B-I00: Conversión eficiente de energía solar visible e infrarroja mediante arquitecturas de tipo arcoiris (Alejandro Goñi, Mariano Campoy Quiles)
  • RETOS: RTI2018-095853-B-C21: Materiales superconductores de ReBa2Cu3O7-x y funcionalidades para dispositivos tecnológicos (Teresa Puig, Xavier Obradors)
  • RETOS: RTI2018-096273-B-I00: Ampliando el alcance de aplicaciones de compuestos de celulosa bacteriana (RISE-BC) (Anna Laromaine)
  • RETOS: RTI2018-099960-B-I00: Generación y detección de corrientes puras de espín en heteroestructuras de óxidos (Benjamin Martínez) 

Please contact each researcher if you are interested. You will find their emails here: http://icmab.es/about/people

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