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YoMo 2018: ICMAB presents 3D printed structures, scientific portraits and minerals and microscopy games

On 27 and 28 February, the ICMAB was present at YoMo 2018, The Youth Mobile Festival, with an interactive stand open to all the primary and secondary school students who visited the Festival, and to all of their teachers. On Tuesday 27 February, the stand was devoted to the 3D printed structures with the 3D printing 3Doodler pens, by Andrés Gómez, from the Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) lab. Both boys and girls gathered around the tables willing to build their bridge or the structure of a carbon nanotube with the 3D pens.

02 March 2018

On Wednesday 28, Anna Crespi and Judith Oró, from the X-ray Diffraction (DRX) Lab and Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) Lab, respectively, brought two interactive games to play with the students, at the same time that they learnt about minerals and crystallography, and electronic microscopy imaging. 

Moreover, during both days, Alejandro Santos spent most of the time drawing scientific portraits to those willing to dress-up as a scientist and pose for him! 

Ana M. López-Periago, from the Solid State Chemistry group also did a talk on Wednesday 28 February on nanotechnology and the use of supercritical CO2 for preparing nanomaterials in a more sustainable way, used as green solvent. 

YoMo 2018 attracted more than 12,000 scholars and more than 5,000 teachers from Barcelona and surrounding cities and villages. The Festival wants to encourage the young students to science and technology careers, at the same time that they play, learn and enjoy their time. The participants could enjoy many of the activities in the stands, workshops, shows and talks during the 4 days of the Festival. 



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