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Zsolt Kelemen, #MSCA IF Fellow of the Week!

It's time to meet Zsolt Kelemen, our #MSCA IF Fellow of the Week! Zsolt is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Laboratory of Inorganic Materials and Catalysis group, and he is working in the framework of the Tuning COPs project. Congratulations, Zsolt!

02 October 2019

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"Do magical compounds exist, that can be used as catalyst, sensors/biosensors, doping agent of conductive polymers, nuclear waste remediation extracting or even in cancer therapies? Although three-dimensional carborane clusters do not have any magical properties, their exceptional thermal and chemical stability, tailorability, ambiphilic character and unusually low toxicity provide performance superior to that of conventional materials" – says Zsolt.

Zsolt did his PhD in Hungary and after that he joined the Laboratory of Inorganic Materials, at ICMAB, in Barcelona as an MSCA IF fellow under the supervision of Prof. Clara Viñas, whose research group has a long standing interest in the field of carboranes.

The current MSCA project Tuning COPs aims at developing solar cells or OLED materials. If you want to learn more about the current research of carboranes in Barcelona, check the LMI group website.

Zsolt likes sailing and fishing, he won several fishing tournaments nearby lake Balaton (Hungary), where he grew up.

"Sometimes fishing is similar to the synthesis of new compounds: you need to be extremely careful and have enough patience even after several failed attempts."

Zsolt’s insight as MSCA fellow:  “Thanks to my MSCA fellowship, I could learn a new field of science, meet with other scientists and establish new international cooperations. As an MSCA fellow, I am gaining so much knowledge and inspiration that I can start my own, independent research after this period. I think to become a member of MSCA-family has a life-long benefit.”

More info on the project on CORDIS_EU factsheet about the Tuning COPs project

Text from MSCA Actions Facebook page.

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