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#ChemicalScience Pick of the Week for synchrotron radiation applied to batteries

In the #ChemicalScience Pick of the Week, M. Rosa Palacín and colleagues from ICMAB and ALBA Synchrotron present a perspective which focuses on the state-of-the art of operando techniques using synchrotron radiation applied to batteries, covering from hard to soft X-rays.

13 January 2023

The #Chemical Science Pick of the Week graphical abstract image shows how a range of operando spectroscopic techniques can be used to gain insight into batteries.

You can read the paper "Synchrotron radiation based operando characterization of battery materials" in Open Access. You will find a study on current state, bottlenecks and applications of synchrotron radiation techniques for battery research. 

The article is a collaboration by ICMAB-CSIC and our neighbours at ALBA Synchrotron researchers. There is a strong collaboration in the field of materials research for batteries between ICMAB and ALBA, also as part of the CSIC PTI+ TRANSENER, which M. Rosa Palacín is responsible of the area of efficient energy storage.

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Synchrotron radiation based techniques are powerful tools for battery research and allow probing a wide range of length scales, with different depth sensitivities and spatial/temporal resolutions. Operando experiments enable characterization during functioning of the cell and are thus a precious tool to elucidate the reaction mechanisms taking place. In this perspective, the current state of the art for the most relevant techniques (scattering, spectroscopy, and imaging) is discussed together with the bottlenecks to address, either specific for application in the battery field or more generic.

The former includes the improvement of cell designs, multi-modal characterization and development of protocols for automated or at least semi-automated data analysis to quickly process the huge amount of data resulting from operando experiments. Given the recent evolution in these areas, accelerated progress is expected in the years to come, which should in turn foster battery performance improvements.

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More about synchrotron light and batteries

In this video you can see M. Rosa Palacín talking about the study of batteries in the first video of the ALBA Synchrotron series of informative videos . 


 Reference Article

Synchrotron radiation based operando characterization of battery materials 
Chem. Sci., 2023, Advance Article
DOI: 10.1039/D2SC04397A

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