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Do you know Rosalind Franklin, Vera Rubin or Trota de Salerno?

You would know these scientists if you had been on May 3rd at the stage reading "Madame Châtelet and her Instagram followers", played by some of the ICMAB researchers.
May 7, 2017

The play was originally prepared on the occasion of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science (on February 11th) and represented in different high schools during February-March of this year. However, it was included within the INSPIRACIÈNCIA "In parallel" activities, in the "Chemical elements in literature" series. 

The play presents some of the scientific women along history: Hypathia of Alexandria, Trota de Salerno, Nettie Stevens, Rosalind Franklin or Ada Lovelace, to name a few. Many people know who was Marie Sklodowska-Curie, but there is a general ignorance related to many of other important and brilliant women scientists that have made great discoveries in their lives.

The play, which is in a "stage reading" format, was represented in the CSIC-Catalunya building at 7 pm on May 3rd. Many people came to the event, who enjoy the show and even said that it was too short. The format is simple: Madame Châtelet receives in her living room and in chronological order, some of the most brilliant women in history, while the piano is playing by another of the women (Hildegarda von Bingen) and a presentation shows images of what is being said.

The ICMAB researchers are happy to bring this play, which is especially created for teenagers, in high schools around ICMAB and Barcelona. Follow them on their Instagram @madamechatelet.


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