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Happy Sant Jordi 2022! Find your next read thanks to the ICMAB staff!

We asked our ICMABers, one more year, what book would they recommend to someone else for St. Jordi.

22 April 2022

Sant Jordi is here once again! First of all, for the uninitiated:

"Sant Jordi is the patron saint of Catalunya and the Diada de Sant Jordi is a festive occasion that has become a celebration of Catalan culture. It is a celebration of culture and love, represented by books and roses. The main meeting point in Barcelona is the Rambla, which is packed from end to end with book and flower stalls."

Since 2020, ICMAB Researchers share some recommendations of books that they have enjoyed that can inspire you or help you choose a gift for someone else!

Here are our recommendations this year:

A mock up of many copies of the book "Ruta gráfica. El diseño del sonido de Valencia"

Ruta gráfica. El diseño del sonido de Valencia / Moy Santana y Antonio J. Albertos / 2022

Recommended by Laura Cabana Jiménez:

"Aquest llibre posa en valor la subcultura relacionada amb la ruta (coneguda com la ruta del bacalao). Durant molts anys, la ruta ha viscut amb un estigma que ha fet que se l'hagi menyspreat. Sovint, aquesta altivesa no ha deixat veure la riquesa i importància que va tenir el moviment. A través dels seus documents gràfics: pòsters, flyers, logos...descobrirem el seu nivell artístic. Molt recomanable per tothom a qui li agradi tot el que estigui relacionat amb el món visual i el disseny (a part de la música). A més, l'edició està molt cuidada, amb imatges d'alta qualitat i molt ben seleccionades."


A mock up of many copies of the book "Limonov"

Limonov / Emmanuel Carrere / 2011

Recommended by Rossella Zaffino:

"A friend of mine reccomend it to me and in general we always agree on what to read. Moreover, it is based on the figure of the controversial Russian politician, poet and writer, Eduard Limonov, and could be useful in understanding recent events."


A mock up of many copies of the book "Contes de la becada"

Contes de la becada / Guy de Maupassant / 2021

Recommended by Anna May Masnou:

"Contes curts, aparentment simples, però punyents, de temes que encara, avui en dia, ens toquen de ben a prop. "Els clàssics són clàssics perquè són bons", diuen, i Guy de Maupassant és un clar exemple d'autor que perdura."


 A mock up of many copies of the book "C3PO en la corte del rey Felipe"

C3PO en la corte del rey Felipe / Pedro Vallín

Recommended by Mario Villa Navas:

"I really enjoy how the author explains the current socio-political context supporting the info in the cultural facts happened during the last dacade (movies, music, etc)"


A mock up of many copies of the book "Nights of plague"

Nights of plague / Orhan Pamuk / 2021

Recommended by Lourdes Fàbrega

"M'agrada molt l'autor, de qui he llegit altres obres. Aquesta, a més, conté una barreja d'història i context actual."


 A mock up of many copies of the book "La ciència en la literatura"

La ciència en la literatura / Xavier Duran / 2015

Recommended by M. Rosa Palacín:

"I think it's important to put books in context, historical, social... and the scientific side looks new to me, so I am curious to learn about it!"


 A mock up of many copies of the book "Demasiada felicidad"

Demasiada felicidad / Alice Munro / 2010

Recommended by Alejandro Santos Botana:

"Me gusa porque es una colección de relatos magistrales, realistas y delicados, en la tradición de Chejov."


A mock up of many copies of the book "Handmaid's Tale"

Handmaid's Tale / Margaret Atwood / 1985

Recommended by Paolo Sebastiano Floris

"I recommend this book because Margaret Atwood is a great writer!"


 A mock up of many copies of the book "Notes to Self"

Notes to Self / Emilie Pine / 2018

Recommended by Anna Roig:

"Touches subjects such as fertility, feminism and academic life. It is honest and brave."


 A mock up of many copies of the book "Como polvo en el viento"

Como polvo en el viento / Leonardo Padura / 2020

Recommended by Nora Ventosa:

"El recomano perquè parla de la història recent de Cuba, que és un país que m'agrada molt."


 A mock up of many copies of the book "El lunes nos querrán"

El lunes nos querrán / Najat El Hachmi / 2021

Recommended by Mariona de Palau:

"Premi Nadal novel·la 2021. Història colpidora que parla de la llibertat de la dona."


A mock up of many copies of the book "Panza de burro" 

Panza de burro / Andrea Abreu / 2020

Recommended by Carmen Ocal:

"I was struck by the cover (I always need to be caught by the front or back cover, or both, before buying/reading a book) and interested by the brief biography of author and editor (both women). Written in an oral, Canarian, generational and contemporary language surely is really weird for reading but relatively short (about 130 pages, big letters...) and seems to deal with issues one is not used to talk about. Enjoy in case you get it! Then, we can comment on it :)"


 A mock up of many copies of the book "Fahrenheit 451"

Fahrenheit 451 / Ray Bradbury / 1953

Recommended by Elies Molins:

"Temes sempre molt actuals: censura, poder, llibertat, literatura."


We hope some of the recommendations caught your eye! If you still want more, check the recommendations that we got from previous years!

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