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Jose Giner and the MOFs nanotransformers in Onda Cero Vigo. One of our 2018 highlights!

Jose Giner was interviewed in Onda Cero Vigo, in the program "La Mirilla" with Raquel Sánchez, for the nanotransformers discovery, the MOFs that can reversible go from 2D to 3D structures. If you want to discover what these materials are, listen to the podcast! Jose Giner is "el chef de los nanomateriales"!

18 July 2019

Listen to the podcast, which was recorded last 8 August 2018, here (from minute 1:00:40):

This news is related to the following article:

Reference article: An Unprecedented Stimuli Controlled Single-crystal Reversible Phase Transition of a Metal-Organic Framework and its Application to a Novel Method of Guest Encapsulation. Fangchang Tan, Ana López-Periago, Mark E. Light, Jordi Cirera, Eliseo Ruiz, Alejandro Borrás, Francesc Teixidor, Clara Viñas, Concepción Domingo, José Giner Planas* Advanced Materials. May 2018. DOI: 10.1002/adma.201800726.

In this video, the phenomenon explained by Jose Giner in the podcast is visualized:

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