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Magnetic order and magnetic properties of the oxygen deficient SmBaMn2O5 layered perovskite
14 February 2023
Magnetism in SmBaMn2O5 was investigated on a single crystal by magnetic and neutron diffraction measurements. This is an oxygen deficient perovskite with a layered ordering of Sm and Ba cations. Mn atoms are coordinated with five oxygens forming a square pyramid and they are ordered in a checkerboard pattern of expanded-compressed pyramids in the ab-plane. The neutron diffraction study revealed a ferrimagnetic ordering of Mn moments below TN=134 K. Macroscopic measurements reveal a very anisotropic behavior.
Measurements with the external magnetic field parallel (M||c) and perpendicular (M⊥c) to the c-axis confirm that this is the easy axis above 10 K. Below this temperature, the Sm sublattice begins to polarize and the magnetization M||c decreases while M⊥c experiences a huge increase. This indicates that Sm moments begin to order around 10 K in the ab-plane with a minor component on the c-axis that opposes the overall magnetization from Mn sublattices.
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Magnetic order and magnetic properties of the oxygen deficient SmBaMn2O5 layered perovskite

J. Blasco, J.A. Rodríguez-Velamazán, G. Subías, M.C. Sánchez, J.L. García-Muñoz 

Materials Research Bulletin, Volume 150, 2022, 111780, ISSN 0025-5408