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Microscale Metasurfaces for On-Chip Magnetic Flux Concentration
26 September 2023
Magnetic metamaterials have demonstrated promising perspectives to improve the efficiency of magnetic flux concentrators. In this work, the effects of downscaling these devices for on-chip integration is investigated. The influence of the non-linear magnetic response of the ferromagnetic components, their magnetic irreversibility, the formation of magnetic domains, as well as the effects of geometry and size of the devices are scrutinized.
The results demonstrate that the implementation of metasurfaces at the microscale opens up new technological possibilities for enhancing the performance of magnetic field detectors and remotely charging small electric devices, thus paving the way toward new approaches in information and communication technologies.
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Oxides for new-generation electronics

Microscale Metasurfaces for On-Chip Magnetic Flux Concentration

Emile Fourneau, Jon Ander Arregi, Aleix Barrera, Ngoc Duy Nguyen, Simon Bending, Alvaro Sanchez, Vojtěch Uhlíř, Anna Palau, Alejandro V. Silhanek

Adv. Mater. Technol. 20238, 2300177.