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Multifunctional Switch Based on Spin-Labeled Gold Nanoparticles
01 April 2022
The fabrication of multifunctional switches is a fundamental step in the development of nanometer-scale molecular spintronic devices. The anchoring of active organic radicals on gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) surface is little studied and the realization of AuNPs-based switches remains extremely challenging.
We report the first demonstration of a surface molecular switch based on AuNPs decorated with persistent perchlorotriphenylmethyl (PTM) radicals. The redox properties of PTM are exploited to fabricate electrochemical switches with optical and magnetic responses, showing high stability and reversibility. Electronic interaction between the radicals and the gold surface is investigated by UV–vis, showing a very broad absorption band in the near-infrared (NIR) region, which becomes more intense when PTMs are reduced to anionic phase. By using multiple experimental techniques, we demonstrate that this interaction is likely favored by the preferentially flat orientation of PTM ligands on the metallic NP surface, as confirmed by first-principles simulations.
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Multifunctional Switch Based on Spin-Labeled Gold Nanoparticles

Vega Lloveras*, Pilar Elías-Rodríguez, Luca Bursi, Ehsan Shirdel, Alejandro R. Goñi, Arrigo Calzolari, and José Vidal-Gancedo*

Nano Lett. 2022, 22, 2, 768–774
Publication Date:January 4, 2022