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"New perspectives for photovoltaics" by Mariona Coll at Revista de Física

The last issue of the Revista Española de Física (RdF) of the RSEF contains five articles written by the winners of the XII edition of the Research Awards "For Women in Science" from L'Oréal-UNESCO. The Editorial Committee decided to invite them to write an article about their research for the section "Temas de Física". Mariona Coll, from the ICMAB, has written the article "Oxides and low-cost chemical methods: New perspectives for photovoltaics".

09 October 2018

"Avances en estructuras fotovoltaicas basadas en óxidos binarios y ternarios de metales de transición y preparadas mediante métodos químicos de bajo coste revolucionarán la tecnología fotovoltaica gracias a dispositivos más estables y eficientes" - Mariona Coll Bau. 

The other awarded reserachers that had the opportunity to an article on their reserch topic are Mariam Tórtola (Instituto de Física Corpuscolar, CSIC/Universidad de Valencia), Eva María Fernández Sánchez (UNED), Ma del Prado Martín Moruno (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), and Maia García Vergniory (Donostia International Physics Center, DIPC). 

The article online is only available for members of the RSEF, but in case you would like to read it in paper, please contact us. 

Congratulations, Mariona!

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