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Test your knowledge at the "Women in Science League"

Do you know who is known as the "Queen of carbon", or who was the first woman to receive a salary as a scientist? Do you know since when we celebrate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, or when did the CSIC launch the "Women and Science Committee"?

Anna May
18 February 2021

Now you can test your knowledge by playing in our "Women in Science League"! The Gender Equality Committe at ICMAB prepared and organized this contest to celebrate the 11F2021 (International Day of Women and Girls in Science). Around 35 players joined the league, and answered for about one hour the questions of the contest, which was chaired by Amanda Muñoz and Anna May Masnou.

The contest now is open to the public, so you can test it for yourself, or play it with your school class, or with your friends and family. The platform used is Quizizz, a very intuitive and easy-to-use platform. 

Play the Women in Science Trivial here

women science trivial

Winners of the contest at ICMAB

At ICMAB, we played the contest on Thursday, 11 February 2021, after the talk by Dolors Herbera (UAB) titled "Emmy Noether and the power of abstraction in Mathematics", which you can see in our Youtube channel. 

The contest started around 1 pm and counted with the participation of around 35 people. The contest is divided in three different categories, and there is a winner for each category, that will receive a certificate, and two winners for the whole contest, that will receive a gift voucher for the bookstore "La Central", in Barcelona: 

Winners per category:

  • Women Scientists Category - Winners: Miquel Torras and Jan Grzelak
  • Gender Equality in ICMAB and CSIC - Winner: Laura Rodríguez Cid
  • Curiosities about 11F and Gender in Research - Winner: Joana Pi-Suñer

Absolute winners:

  • First Place "League of Women Scientists" - Miquel Torras and Jan Grzelak
  • Second Place "League of Women Scientists" - Laura Rodríguez Cid

Congratulations to you all! 

More information

You can check how we played the game here on 11F2021:

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