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The Clúster MAV event on micro- and nanomaterials gathers ICMAB, ICN2 and IMB-CNM researchers

The Clúster MAV (Advanced Materials Cluster) organized a half-day conference at ICMAB open to R+D+i companies, technology centers and research entities: flash-talks on innovations of micro- and nanomaterials and guided visits to laboratories of the three research centers invovled. 

01 April 2022
Clúster MAV group visit at ICMAB | ICMAB
Clúster MAV group visit at ICMAB | ICMAB

A total of 45 people participated in the conference organized by the Clúster MAV on Wednesday 16 March 2022 with the collaboration of three of its members, which are part of the Barcelona Nanocluster Bellaterra network (BNC-b): the Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona (ICMAB-CSIC), the Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICN2) and the Barcelona Institute of Microelectronics. National Center for Microelectronics (IMB-CNM-CSIC).

The first part of the event consisted of different presentations in hybrid format (28 people followed them electronically while 17 attended in person) in which professionals from the three centers presented some of the innovations in the field of micro- and nanomaterials and technologies. 

First, Imma Ratera, ICMAB researcher in the Molecular Nanoscience and Organic Materials (Nanomol-Bio) Group, explained the development of new bioactive materials to achieve efficient therapies and diagnoses. The most important research interests of this research line at ICMAB include radioactive nanocapsules for lung cancer therapy, antimicrobial coatings to prevent infections, and biomaterials for tissue regeneration based on bacterial nanocellulose.

Gervasi Herranz, ICMAB researcher in the Multifunctional Thin Films and Complex Structures (MULFOX) Group, focused on the methodologies for the dielectric and magnetic characterization of materials, a line of research applied to electronics and digital communications, which includes data storage, processing, and communications.

Following the two ICMAB talks, Elena Del Corro García, ICN2 researcher in the Group of Advanced Electronic Materials and Devices, focused on graphene-based neurological devices developed within the framework of GraphCAT, a community that aims to turn Catalonia into a international benchmark for graphene development, innovation and research. GraphCAT members also include IMB-CNM and other Cluster MAV partners such as IREC and Eurecat.

20220316 Jornada MAV small

Elena del Corro, ICN2 researcher, during her talk at ICMAB | ICN2

Salvio Suárez García, ICN2 Postdoctoral researcher in the Nanostructured Functional Materials Group, focused his presentation on functional surface coatings. Dr. Suárez highlighted the creation of a spin-off initiative called FutureChromes that aims to integrate photochromic surface coatings into smart windows, glasses or visors and anti-glare mirrors.

Philippe Godignon, IMB-CNM researcher in the Power Devices and Systems Group, focused on new semiconductor materials as an alternative to silicon for a new generation of efficient electronic systems. Prof. Godignon presented different initiatives carried out at the center based on gallium oxide (Ga2O3), silicon carbide (SiC), diamond or graphene.

The last lecture was given by César Fernández, IMB-CNM researcher at the Group of Chemical Transducers, entitled "Approaches of microfabrication for the modeling and characterization of functional materials", where he explained the electrical characterization of impedance devices and the manufacturing of micro and nanostructures of functional materials.

The talks were followed by a guided tour around each of the centers to discover the laboratories and spaces where the research in advanced micro- and nanomaterials is carried out. The three centers are located at the UAB Campus, one next to the other, near the Science Faculty of the UAB. 


Clúster MAV group visit at NN group at ICMAB | ICMAB

At ICMAB-CSIC the group visited three different laboratories. First, the bio lab of the Nanoparticles and Nanocomposites Group, with Amanda Muñoz, in which the research with bacterial nanocellulose as functional material, and C. elegans to evaluate the toxicity of nanomaterials was shown.


Clúster MAV group visit at NANOPTO group at ICMAB | ICMAB

The tour continued to the physics lab of the Nanostructured Materials for Optoelectronics and Energy Storage Group, with Mariano Campoy-Quiles and Sebastián Reparaz, to see the equipment for the evaluation of photovoltaic and thermoelectric materials. Finall, Soft lab of the Molecular Nanoscience and Organic Materials Bio Group, with Nora Ventosa and Amable Bernabé, to explore the equipment used for the preparation and characterization of soft materials for biomedical applications.


Clúster MAV group visit at Nanomol-Bio group at ICMAB | ICMAB

Afterwards, the visitors moved to the IMB-CNM, were they had the opportunity to see a part of the clean room installation for micro and nano-fabrication. The tour concluded at the ICN2, where Elena Del Corro and Salvio Suarez showed the laboratories of the Advanced Electronic Materials and Devices Group and of the Nanostructured Functional Materials Group, respectively.

About Clúster MAV

The Advanced Materials Cluster of Catalonia (Clúster MAV) is a non-profit technology-based association, set up in 2015 with the support of the Catalan Government’s ACCIÓ Catalonia Trade & Investment agency. Its strategy targets innovation and its main purpose is to make businesses and organisations in the advanced materials sector value chain more competitive.

The Clúster MAV sponsors initiatives and actions designed to enhance the advanced materials business by fostering and harnessing synergies between partners and related sectors. It delivers technology information and market data to its members to promote business opportunities through win-win collaborations, innovative solutions and high added value projects.

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