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The quantum levitating train at the Saló de l'Ensenyament 2023

ICMAB researchers of the Superconducting Materials and Large Scale Nanostructures group prepared some interactive experiments to show the spectacular properties of our superconducting materials to the young attendees of the festival. 

Anna May
27 March 2023
The Superconducting Materials group at the Espai Ciència | ICMAB, CSIC
The Superconducting Materials group at the Espai Ciència | ICMAB, CSIC

This year we could participate again at the Saló de l'Ensenyament 2023 with our levitating train, which always attract a lot of young students interested in this phenomenon.  

ICMAB researchers were present at EspaiCiència, organized and coordinated by the Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation (FCRI) within the Saló de l'Ensenyament, an initiative to make young students aware of the research and innovation that is being carried out in the Catalan universities, research centers, companies, and professional organizations.

This year, the activities at EspaiCiència were interactive and stimulating experiments to attract visitors and increase their interest and curiosity in science and technology. Scientific demonstrations, workshops and other interactive activities allow researchers to show and share their research with young students.

The action is part of the need to stimulate young people's interest in science and technology in order to encourage future vocations for scientific and / or technological training.

Ferran Vallès, Pedro Barusco and Irfan Ahmed from the Superconducting Materials and Large Scale Nanostructures (SUMAN) group, were in charge of the event on Thursday, 16 March 2023, from 4 to 6 PM. These reserachers showed the attendees the levitating properties of superconducting materials, when cooled down to liquid nitrogen temperatures, and explained them the phenomena behind these materials. 

A lot of the students were interested in physics and in what degree they should study to understand and work with superconducting materials. 

salo 7

The levitation of superconducting materials at EspaiCiència with Pedro Barusco, Ferran Vallès and Irfan Ahmed  | ICMAB

ICMAB has participated in the Saló de l'Ensenyament for many years, showing young students the amazing properties of our materials. It is also a great pleasure to participate at this event, since there are always a high number of public interested in materials science and in the properties and capabilities of the materials of the future.

salo 3

The levitation of superconducting materials at EspaiCiència 2023 with Pedro Barusco, Ferran Vallès and Irfan Ahmed | ICMAB

Take a look here to more photos of the participation of ICMAB at EspaiCiència 2023. 

About EspaiCiència 2023

EspaiCiència, organized by the Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation (FCRI) as part of the Saló de l'Ensenyament with the aim of bringing science and technology closer to young people and to encourage vocations towards STEM careers, reconfigured its design in 2023 to become a multi-workshop space with a continuous program of workshops and scientific demonstrations, by 17 Catalan universities, research centers and research organizations, from March 15 to 19, throughout the duration of the festival (Pavilion 1, Level 0, Street F, Stand 413).

This FCRI science outreach space for young people aged 15 to 18 began its presence at the Saló de l'Ensenyament in 2009. In this year's edition it hosted more than twenty presentations and workshops from universities, research centers, companies and other scientific entities, with a program of activities and interactive scientific experiments to promote scientific and technical vocations.

The new spatial design will allow students to explore their scientific side through an immersive experience in a multidisciplinary and modular space, with parallel attention spans and multiple experiments. Thus, EspaiCiència will show live the science that is done in Catalonia in a practical, attractive and close way, through a rigorous and playful orientation at the same time. The idea is to make science attractive, seeking to fascinate visitors with the scientific research and its professional potential.

The participants this year 2023 at EspaiCiència were the following:

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EspaiCiència 2023I CMAB, CSIC

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