The SCQ-IEC Research Project Awards bring two students to the ICMAB for a scientific internship

The "Societat Catalana de Química" (SCQ-IEC) organizes every year the contest on the best research chemistry projects for secondary school students (Premis als Treballs de Recerca de Batxillerat dins l'Àmbit de la Química). The award for the finalist students is a two-week scientific internship in a Catalan research center or university during July 2018. 

29 August 2018

The awards ceremony took place on May 9, 2018, at the IEC, and was introduced by a debate on "Connecting materials science to the young students and adults" by our researchers Susagna Ricart and Arántzazu González, and followed by the awards delivery and the talks of the winners. 

This year, the ICMAB hosted Queralt Olesti, from the Institut Joaquima Pla i Farreras (Sant Cugat) and Andrea Díez, from Institut Jaume Salvador i Pedrol (Sant Joan Despí), for a two-week scientific internship with some of our researchers: 

  • Queralt Olesti, who won the award for her research project entitled "Acidesa i reflux estomacal: remeis de tota la vida o de farmàcia", supervised by Mireia Blanch Codó (Ins. Joaquima Pla i Farreras, Sant Cugat), did her internship with Nora Ventosa, in the NANOMOL group. She could experience the lab-work on the synthesis of nanovesicles and hydrogels.

premis scq estada

Figure: Award Ceremony at the IEC (source: SCQ-IEC: http://blogs.iec.cat/scq/2018/05/11/lliurament-dels-guardons-dels-premis-de-batxillerat-2018/
  • Andrea Díez, who won the award for her research project on "Percepció de sabors i aromes", supervised by Ester Ramos Fernández (Inst. Jaume Salvador i Pedrol, Sant Joan Despí), did her internship with Rosario Nuñez and Albert Ferrer, in the Inorganic Materials and Catalysis Laboratory. She worked in the synthesis of boron-enriched carbon nanomaterials as Theranostic Agents for biomedical imaging and BNCT.

rosario albert andrea

Figure: Rosario, Andrea and Albert in the LMI laboratory at the ICMAB

Apart from the laboratory, the students could visit our installations and equipment, and attend seminars and workshops related to materials science.

estada xerrada

Figure: Talk given by the Argó Program at the ICMAB

Thanks to the Societat Catalana de Química, especially to Carles Bo and Fina Guitart, for counting on us!

We hope they had a nice stay with us!

More information:

Resultat d'imatges de societat catalana química premis batxillerat quimica



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