Alfonsina Torimtubun

09 January 2023
Hi! My name is Alfonsina from Indonesia (I think I am the only Indonesian at ICMAB). I have studied Chemical Engineering degree at University of Brawijaya, Indonesia, then I earned a scholarship to relocate to Taiwan pursuing my Master degree in Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering at National Central University, Taiwan. After that, I received a Marie Curie COFUND fellowship to do my doctoral study at Universitat Rovira I Virgili, Spain to study ternary organic solar cells. Nowadays, under the supervision of Dr. Mariano Campoy and Dr. Alejandro R. Goñi, I am going to start my postdoctoral study in the NANOPTO group of ICMAB with the research focus on improving the efficiency of organic solar cells using advanced geometries and artificial intelligence. In my free time, I like exploring new places, connecting with nature, trying different culinary, cooking and singing. See you around!
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