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Huixia Lu

12 December 2022
Hello everyone, I am HUIXIA LU, just joined ICMAB today, I am gonna working with Prof. Jordi Faraudo of ICMAB and Prof. Jordi Marti of UPC for the next two years. Very happy to come back and work on the anti-cancer drugs and membrane proteins using NAMD/GROMACS/AMBER packages to explore molecular mechanisms at atomic level. I like Spanish/Catalan cultures in general, and the food here really captures my heart. The most I like is the muy amable people here. I have had amazing cooperation before, and I am looking forward to continue it. In my free time, I love visiting interesting towns and wondering in the nature (hiking in the mountain, enjoying quality time with my family and friends on the beach, dancing salsa (I am very clumsy, but I like it while holding a beer), etc.). I am fun and easy going and a coffee/cheese cake lover.
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