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Manan Mehta

15 February 2024
Hello there, I am Manan and I come from Mumbai, India. At ICMAB, I will be working on the project, OPVStability, as an MSCA DN student under the supervision of Dr. Mariano Campoy-Quiles. I will focus on investigating OPV materials using high-throughput screening methods to improve organic photovoltaic lifetimes. Previously, I completed my Master of Research in Soft Electronic Materials from Imperial College London where I worked on Perovskite-based Memristors, Transistors, and Memtransistors in the Barnes Group. Working on Perovskites truly changes a man. Now towards more organic and greener pastures. My hobbies include football, music, reading & writing (I have my own publication!), mixed martial arts, travelling, and being curious about everything (much to my misfortune).
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