Title Published Date
Welcome Giulia Pancotti at ICMAB! 16 September 2022
"How to take your technology to market, key points" by Cruz Mendigutía, BeAble Capital (Mon, 23 May) 09 May 2022
Welcome Diego Riva at ICMAB! 03 May 2022
Welcome Priya Pandey at ICMAB! 03 May 2022
Lopez Marzo, Adaris Maria [Project Researcher] 09 March 2022
Welcome Francesca Merlina at ICMAB! 08 March 2022
Welcome Alberto Lanfranco at ICMAB! 04 March 2022
Welcome Lorenzo Pandolfi at ICMAB! 04 March 2022
Welcome Giacomo Cotelli at ICMAB! 02 March 2022
Welcome Silvia Damerio at ICMAB! 02 February 2022
López Alvarez, Cibrán 21 January 2022
Welcome Andrea Delledonne at ICMAB! 09 December 2021
Welcome Stefano Fedel at ICMAB! 15 September 2021
Welcome Maria Elisabetta Giglio at ICMAB! 03 September 2021
Welcome Paolo Sebastiano Floris at ICMAB! 03 June 2021
Welcome Ylli Conti at ICMAB! 19 April 2021
Welcome Nicoló Bordignon at ICMAB! 17 March 2021
Welcome Rossella Zaffino at ICMAB! 19 October 2020
Welcome Mar Alcaraz at ICMAB! 02 October 2020
Borate-based passivation layers enables reversible calcium batteries 28 September 2020
Sheng, Yunwei [International Fellowship PhD Student] 04 May 2020
Molet Bachs, Pau [FPI PhD Student] 04 May 2020
Electric Fields against mosquitos: a research collaboration between the ICMAB, ISGlobal and Biogents in the CSIC Newsletter 08 November 2019
The ICMAB has a new General Manager: Welcome Joan Ricard Ibáñez! 07 October 2019
"Nuevos materiales que revolucionan el mundo" in the press 17 July 2019
The challenges of the electric car, debated in a conference in Madrid with M. Rosa Palacín 11 July 2019

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