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Rossella Zaffino

18 November 2020

Hi everyone! My name is Rossella, ok… actually my official name is Rosa Letizia, but not even my parents use it! I am an Italian physicist living in Barcelona since 2008. Here I did a master's degree in Biomedical Engineering and then I obtained the doctorate in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology from the University of Barcelona.

I joined the FunNanoSurf group to conduct research in the field of graphene-based molecular junctions. I have been fascinated with molecular electronics since my thesis, during which I developed a sensor based on nano-gap electrodes for the detection of DNA hybridization and single point mutation. I am also interested in advanced nanofabrication and very familiar with clean room processing.

Outside of my work, I am almost completely devoted to my beloved dog and in fact, I couldn't find a good recent photo of me without him! Since I was little I enjoyed ballet but in recent years I changed the barre with a pole, and now I am really sick of pole dance! I relax by cooking, I enjoy eating (not only pasta and pizza!), and caravanning. I am very happy to be here and to have the opportunity to work in such an exciting field! See you!


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