Inorganic Materials & Catalysis

The focus of the group’s scientific activity is in the chemistry and applications of boron cages. Their geometric forms and the fact that they are made of a semi-metal, boron, give them unique properties largely unexplored. Today, the chemistry of boron clusters, has achieved a sufficient degree of maturity that has led to new applications, in many cases not attainable with conventional organic compounds. For instance, boron clusters readily offer structural hollow spheres, something that is utterly difficult with organic compounds. Boron clusters are applied in this group in the fields of energy, environmental science, molecular electronics and medicine.

Permanent Members

Francesc Teixidor

Research Professor

Clara Viñas Teixidor

Research Professor

Rosario Núñez Aguilera

Research Scientist

José Giner Planas

Tenured Scientist

Postdoctoral Researchers

Maria Jose Mostazo

Postdoctoral Researcher

Technicians and Project Managers

Jordi Cortés

Lab. Technician

Research Lines

Ion Recognition

Conducting Organic Polymers

Homogeneous Catalysis

Medical Chemistry

Ionic Liquids

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