Periodical Lectures & Invited Seminars

Title Published Date
Mixed-valence gold bis(diselenolene) complex turning metallic under pressure 21 January 2022
Ultrafast Interface Charge Separation in Carbon Nanodot–Nanotube Hybrids 18 January 2022
The GENESIS project highligted at the Agencia Estatal de Investigación website 17 January 2022
"Electrochemically gated charge transport in redox proteins and photosynthetic complexes" by Pau Gorostiza (Mon, 31 Jan 2022) 13 January 2022
Moth Poulsen, Kasper [Research Professor ICREA] 13 December 2021
Direct and Converse Flexoelectricity in Two-Dimensional Materials 10 December 2021
"Truxene-related organic semiconductors: From flexible electronics to environmental remediation" by Berta Gómez-Lor (Mon, 13 Dec 2021) 01 December 2021
2021 30 November 2021
2017 30 November 2021
2018 30 November 2021
New workshop on the Fundamentals of Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy (STEM) Imaging and Spectroscopy 29 November 2021
Open Postdoctoral position in Organic Radicals in the framework of the Quantum Technologies CSIC PTI 11 November 2021
"Nanotechnology Approaches to Biology and Medicine" by Paul S. Weiss (UCLA) (Mon, 15 Nov 2021) 05 November 2021
"Del primer STM a Catalunya als microscopis actuals" (UAB, 16 Nov 2021) 05 November 2021
"The role of research centers in foreign investment" by Sergi Barbens (ACCIÓ) (Mon, 8 Nov 2021) 29 October 2021
"Y6 transistors beyond the scope of photovoltaics" by Edgar Gutiérrez (UPV/EHU) (Wed, 10 Nov 2021) 27 October 2021
"Modulated phases in ferroic oxide thin films" by Silvia Damerio (U. Groningen) (Tues, 2 Nov 2021) 26 October 2021
ICREA Researcher Kasper Moth-Poulsen joins ICMAB with an ERC project on new materials for thermal regulation 20 October 2021
"Thermal properties and conductivity of PEO based electrolytes" by Dimitrios Chatzogiannakis (Tues, 21 Sept 2021) 19 September 2021
The European Researcher’s Night is back – and with presential activities! 15 September 2021
"Thin film photovoltaic materials based on earth abundant elements" by Edgardo Saucedo (UPC) (Mon, 27 Sept 2021) 06 September 2021
Expoquimia 2021 is right around the corner! Join the event on 14-17 September 01 September 2021
Lo Conte, Camilla 31 August 2021
"European Ecosystem of research and tech transfer" by Esther Hurtós (Eurecat) (Mon, 20 Sept 2021) 30 August 2021
Synthesis of 2D Porous Crystalline Materials in Simulated Microgravity 27 August 2021
Iridium Oxide Redox Gradient Material: Operando X‑ray Absorption of Ir Gradient Oxidation States during IrOx Bipolar Electrochemistry 24 August 2021
Mechanically Tunable Lattice-Plasmon Resonances by Templated Self-Assembled Superlattices for Multi-Wavelength Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy 03 August 2021
Anna Solé, winner at the GEFES Research Awards for Undergraduate Students 2021 for her work in neouromorphic computing 02 August 2021
The 2021 Journal Citation Reports is here! #JCR2021 29 July 2021
A new density-modification procedure extending the application of the recent |ρ|-based phasing algorithm to larger crystal structures 13 July 2021
Welcome Paolo Sebastiano Floris at ICMAB! 03 June 2021
FOTICMAB 2021: the ICMAB multimedia contest is open! 02 June 2021
"Using CO2 meters to control COVID transmission indoors" by Albert Verdaguer (Mon, 14 June 2021) 28 May 2021
Saúl Estandía will defend his PhD Thesis on Friday, 28 May 2021, at 11 am 13 May 2021
"Tips for successful meetings with companies": Out-of-the-box seminar at ICMAB 10 May 2021
A device monitoring heart failure from saliva co-developed by ICMAB and IMB-CNM researchers 06 May 2021
More than 600 students at the 2021 #10alamenos9 Festival from the UAB Campus 04 May 2021
ERC 2021 Seminar – A new panel in PE domain: PE11-Materials Engineering 18 March 2021
"Optical Emission Tuning of Single Photon Sources by Elastic Strain Engineering" by Javier Martín-Sánchez (Mon, 15 March 2021) 23 February 2021
"Laser-Light for Epitaxy" by Hans Boschker, our next ICMAB Periodical Lecture on 1 March 2021 at 12 pm 16 February 2021
“Madame Châtelet” lecture will open the Alumni UB conference cycle on women of science on 3 Feb 2021 01 February 2021
Postdoc Talk: "Rational Engineering of Binary Oxides and Semiconductors for Photocatalytic Applications" by Claudio Cazorla 29 January 2021
#11F2021 Invited Talk: "Emmy Noether and the power of abstraction in Mathematics" by Dolors Herbera 26 January 2021
TechTransfer Seminar "Instrumentos y agentes de Transferencia de Tecnología en el sistema CAT/ESP/UE" (Mon, 11 Jan 2021) 18 December 2020
PostDoc Talk: "Plasmon-enhanced light–matter interaction: from molecular detection to energy harvesting applications" by Luis A. Pérez (Mon, 30 Nov 2020) 20 November 2020
R&D in B. Braun, a professional career or an attitude towards life? by Pau Turon (Mon, 23 Nov 2020) 12 November 2020
"Unconventional multi-band superconductivity at two-dimensional oxide interfaces" by Gyanendra Singh (Wed, 2 Dec 2020) 04 November 2020
PostDoc Talk: "Understanding heterogeneous ice nucleation on natural and designed surfaces to control ice formation" by Elzbieta Pach (Mon, 16 Nov 2020) 30 October 2020
"Open Access: novedades en el CSIC" by Alejandro Santos (Tues, 27 Oct 2020) 20 October 2020
PostDoc Talk: "Thermal transport and mechanical properties characterization using Extreme Ultraviolet coherent light" by Begoña Abad (Mon, 26 Oct 2020) 07 October 2020
PostDoc Talk: "Nanoprobes for the next generation of Optical Imaging" by Judit Morlà (Mon, 5 Oct 2020) 21 September 2020
TechTransfer Seminar: "Catalonia clusters" by Joan Martí, ACCIÓ 16 September 2020
PostDoc Talk: "Energy solutions at the micro- and nano-scale" by Miquel López-Suárez (Mon, 21 Sept 2020) 04 September 2020
"Science, technology and innovation after Covid-19: Challenges and opportunities" by Xavier Ferràs (Mon, 13 July, 6 pm) 30 June 2020
Online Seminar "Face masks during COVID-19 pandemic: current knowledge on materials and reusability" by Jan Grzelak (Mon, 15 June 2020) 05 June 2020
Online Seminar "From soft materials to complex material systems" by David Amabilino (Mon, 29 June 2020) 05 June 2020
Online Seminar "Molecular probes and gated materials in biomedical applications and communication between nanoparticles" by Ramón Martínez (Mon, 8 June 2020) 12 May 2020
Online Seminar "Crystal structure determination by diffractometric direct methods: Evolution and recent advances" by Jordi Rius (Mon, 25 May 2020) 12 May 2020
Tomsen Melero, Judit [FI PhD Student] 04 May 2020
Ventosa Rull, Nora [Research Scientist] 04 May 2020
Online Seminar "What's what in the European research activities? Are we in a challenging threshold?" by Rafael Rodríguez Clemente (Mon, 4 May 2020) 21 April 2020
Online Seminar "Magnetism fights for health. A quantitative lab-on-chip rapid diagnostic test for Malaria" by Riccardo Bertacco (Mon, 20 April 2020) 31 March 2020
"SPICE Simulation of large memristive cross-point arrays for pattern recognition applications. Device modelling and circuit challenges" by Fernando L. Aguirre (Fri, 28 Feb 2020) 25 February 2020
"Microneedle and nanochannel arrays to build the next generation of diagnostic tools" by Beatriz Prieto (Mon, 9 March 2020) 10 February 2020
"Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2019 to the development of Li-ion batteries: from intercalation chemistry to a rechargeable world" by M. Rosa Palacín (Mon, 17 Feb 2020) 27 January 2020
"Science and gender: perspectives from the history of science" by Clara Florensa to celebrate the 11F: International Day of Women and Girls in Science 24 January 2020
"Polypeptide-based Conjugates as Versatile Therapeutics" (Mon, 3 Feb 2020) 22 January 2020
"New advances in Solid Oxide Cells Technology: 3D printing approach" (Mon, 20 Jan 2020) 10 January 2020
M. Rosa Palacín at the Nobel Prize 2019 UAB Conferences 10 December 2019
European Research Council (ERC) funding opportunities – a 360° overview 03 December 2019
Open Access at ICMAB: “Send me the postprint so we can deposit it at Digital 23 October 2019
Open Access at ICMAB: Seminar to celebrate the International Open Access Week 2019 23 October 2019
#11F: "Lise Meitner: insights from recent research" by Xavier Roqué 21 January 2019
"Purificación de agua en el laboratorio de investigación" by MERCK (Monday, 6 May 2019) 06 January 2019
"Enabling a la carte photovoltaics" by Mariano Campoy-Quiles (Mon, 29 April 2019) 05 January 2019
OCT 18, 2016: Seminar on Patents and Knowledge Assessment 15 September 2016

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