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Celebrating 11F 2022 at ICMAB with Vicenta Arnal and Émilie du Châtelet

On Friday, 11 February 2022, we will celebrate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science at ICMAB. Do you want to share this day with us?

Anna May
28 January 2022

We have a morning prepared with two talks to discover two incredible scientists: Vicenta Arnal, a Spanish scientist in the 1930s, and Émilie du Châtelet, a French natural philosopher and mathematician from the early 1730s. 

After the two talks, given by ICMAB reseracher M. Rosa Palacín, and UAB researcher Xavier Roqué, Amanda Muñoz, member of the Gender Equality Commitee at ICMAB and PhD researcher will present us this year's activity to commemorate this day: Escape The Barriers. 

11:30 AM: Women in electrochemistry untold stories: Vicenta Arnal, a Spanish scientist in the 1930s – By M. Rosa Palacín, ICMAB-CSIC

The talk will discuss Vicenta Arnal Yarza’s (1902-1960) scientific career, its context and achievements. She took advantage of ambitious programs to modernize and internationalize scientific research at the time with her pathway deviating later on to a domestic career devoted to improving teaching and popularizing chemistry.

M. Rosa Palacín’s research career involves solid state chemistry and electrochemistry applied to battery technology covering technologies already commercial or pre-commercial, as well as new chemistries and emerging concepts (Mg or Ca) with a focus on developing fertile cooperation scenarios between basic oriented research and industry. She has written invited reviews in high impact and specialised journals, participated in the organization of several international meetings and served as associated editor for diverse journals.

12:00 PM: An academy of one’s own: Émilie du Châtelet – By Xavier Roqué, Institute of History of Science, IHC-UAB

“A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction”. Virginia Woolf's dictum applies to enlightened women of science. Émilie le Tonnelier de Breteuil did not just have money and a room, but an academy of her own. Best known as the Marquise Du Châtelet, she made the family chateau in Cirey-sur-Marne into a terrestrial paradise, a haven for love and science she shared with Voltaire. I will discuss her contributions to natural philosophy, her thoughts about women and knowledge, and the ways she managed to overcome long-standing gender constraints.

Xavier Roqué is a member of the Department of Philosophy and the Institute for the History of Science at the UAB. A physicist by training, he has written on the history of 20th century physics, culture, and politics. His current project aims at historically surveying small-scale research practices. He has helped devise and now coordinates a new degree in Science, Technology and the Humanities (UAB-UAM-UC3M), the first of its kind in Spain.

1:00 PM: Escape The Barriers – By Amanda Muñoz, ICMAB-CSIC

This is an online activity promoted by the Gender Equality Committee at ICMAB and prepared by our young researchers. Be prepared by a thrilling discovery of the spaces and labs of ICMAB through some women scientists of our history:

“Panic spreads at ICMAB, many laboratories are locked and nobody seems to have the keys to open them. Everybody starts suspecting about the Gender Equality Committee members: they behave strangely and 11F is near. Moreover, they have spread virtual notes around the building. Don’t worry, you will soon receive a link to help restore the order and continue your research work.”

The activity will be open from 11 February to 8 March, and you can participate alone or in pairs. The fastest, the more points you obtain! We will announce the winners on 8 March!

Amanda Muñoz is a PhD researcher at the Nanoparticles and Nanocomposites Group, and member of the ICMAB Gender Equality Committee. Her research involves the study of bacterial nanocellulose toxicity through the model organism C. elegans. She is involved in many science outreach activities, such as Nanoinventum and “Bojos per la Física”, among others. 

Hope to see you there! The event will take place at the ICMAB Sala d'Actes Carles Miravitlles and online. Register here to attend with Zoom. 

Download the programme here. 

Other activities for 11F

Apart from this day at ICMAB, we participate in the following activities:

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