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Title Published Date
Lliurament diplomes_SCQ fotos 20 December 2023
Projecte Innova4Fabry (ICMAB-CSIC), un dels 8 seleccionats pel Demoday de projectes Innovadors de l'AGAUR 24 November 2023
El CSIC actualiza el ranking de investigadores españoles en Google Scholar con 10.000 nuevos perfiles 21 November 2023
Dos projectes de l'ICMAB, finançats per La Marató de TV3 sobre malalties cardiovasculars 09 November 2023
Nora Ventosa, nou membre del Consell per a la Recerca i la Innovació de Catalunya (CORICAT) 09 November 2023
Lluís Casabona, member of EMOLMAT group, WINNER of the SOCIEMAT prize fot the Best Master's Thesis in Materials Science 09 November 2023
Lluís Casabona, member of EMOLMAT group, finalist of the SOCIEMAT prize fot the Best Master's Thesis in Materials Science 08 November 2023
Cryogenic Materials Award for Lifetime Achievements 2023 to Xavier Obradors 07 July 2023
Dean Kos, MSCA fellow working on charge traps in organic semiconductors 29 June 2023
Jordi Rius awarded with the Gold Medal of the Specialized Group of Crystallography (GE3C) 23 June 2023
And the EmErgEnt winner is... SOLS: Accelerator of photovoltaic technologies 21 June 2023
FOTICMAB 2023: our photo contest has amazing new winners 16 June 2023
Marta Alcaina and Albert Rosado: Oral Talk/Poster Awards at the UAB XII Doctoral Workshop in Chemistry 2023 14 June 2023
Pankaj Bharmoria, Junior Leader "la Caixa" at ICMAB 28 March 2023
Sole Roig awarded with the CSIC Relevant Doctoral Thesis Award 28 February 2023
David Amabilino appointed new Director at ICMAB 14 February 2023
Gabriele De Luca, new Ramón y Cajal researcher at ICMAB in complex oxides 18 January 2023
BBVA Leonardo Grant for Leonardo Scarabelli 13 December 2022
Happy Birthday! CSIC in Catalonia celebrates its 80th anniversary 09 December 2022
Xavier Obradors, Premi Bages de Cultura 2022 Òmnium Bages-Moianès 28 November 2022
2022 EPS condensed Matter Division Europhysics Prize for Manuel Bibes 18 October 2022
"An eye-opening experience" at ACTIVE 2022 Severo Ochoa workshop 13 October 2022
The Nanoparticles and Nanocomposites Group: "Collaborator of the year" of the Barraquer Institute 10 October 2022
ICMAB Communication & Outreach Office is recognized as UCC+i by the FECYT 01 September 2022
The Winter 2021 EPS Emmy Noether Distinction for Women in Physics is awarded to M. Pilar López Sancho. Congratulations! 31 August 2022
M. Rosa Palacín awarded with the Miguel Catalán-Paul Sabatier SCF award 10 August 2022
Clara Viñas receives the SCQ research award for her excellent scientific career 28 June 2022
Chiral materials team win Royal Society of Chemistry's prestigious Horizon Prize 07 June 2022
What happens when the coronavirus touches your skin? New video by Marc Domingo! 30 May 2022
Adrián Tamayo Serra will defend his PhD Thesis on 3 June 2022 at 11 am 23 May 2022
Teresa Puig awarded with the "Gent de Terrassa" prize by Diari de Terrassa 19 May 2022
New book on "Engineering Biomaterials for Neural Applications" 18 May 2022
NANBIOSIS renews its accreditation as Singular Scientific and Technical Infrastructure (ICTS) 17 May 2022
Three ICMAB Researchers become Research Professors in last CSIC Call 16 May 2022
Xavier Obradors, new Editor-in-Chief of the Superconductivity News Forum 12 May 2022
ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certification for the Soft Scientific and Technical Service at ICMAB and Unit 6/Nanbiosis 05 April 2022
Nonadiabatic Born Effective Charges in Metals and the Drude Weight 05 April 2022
Lídia Ballell awarded with the Best Symposium Talk at the SCQ Young Researchers Meeting 16 February 2022
ICMAB Researcher Kasper Moth-Poulsen elected member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences 25 January 2022
Five UAB PhD Extraordinary Awards go to ICMAB graduates 17 January 2022
Alejandro De Sousa & Nerea González receive Best Poster Awards at ElecMol 2021 23 December 2021
Congratulations! ICMAB is the first H2020 CSIC Institute 22 December 2021
CIBER-BBN awards Eduardo Pérez del Río for his work on 3D materials for immunotherapy 21 December 2021
2019 30 November 2021
We welcome back David Amabilino at ICMAB 05 November 2021
Congratulations Dr. Raphaëlle Houdeville, new ICMAB Graduate 22 October 2021
ICREA Researcher Kasper Moth-Poulsen joins ICMAB with an ERC project on new materials for thermal regulation 20 October 2021
M. Rosa Palacín awarded with the International Battery Association (IBA) Research Award 31 August 2021
The Journal of Materials Chemistry C publishes a themed issue in honor of Jaume Veciana and Concepció Rovira 30 August 2021
Anna Solé, winner at the GEFES Research Awards for Undergraduate Students 2021 for her work in neouromorphic computing 02 August 2021
CRYSTALMATCH 2021: And the winner of the 1st ICMAB crystallization contest is… 28 July 2021
Clara Viñas becomes a member of the Academia Europaea 26 July 2021
Jaume Veciana receives recognition to his scientific career from the SCQ 20 July 2021
FOTICMAB 2021: And the winner is… 16 July 2021
Welcome Yaiza Martínez at ICMAB! 08 July 2021
Sergi Riera-Galindo returns to ICMAB with a Beatriu de Pinós grant 25 June 2021
An evening of science! ICMAB at the Festa de la Ciència 2021 15 June 2021
Sohini Sinha, best Poster Prize at the UAB PhD in Chemistry Doctoral Workshop 2021 for her presentation on luminescent systems for imaging 03 June 2021
Pablo Guardia and Raphael Pfattner awarded with a Ramón y Cajal grant #RyC 21 May 2021
Nanovesicles for the treatment of complex wounds: the revolution of nanomedicine 21 May 2021
Irene Anton will defend her PhD Thesis on Thursday, 3 June 2021, at 10 am 11 May 2021
ICMAB researcher Can Onur Avci is awarded the 2021 IUPAP Young Scientist Prize in Magnetism 04 May 2021
Ivan Caño awarded with the IEC Sant Jordi award for his Master's project 03 May 2021
The project 'Las científicas cuentan', best didactic resource at the International Biennial of Scientific Cinema 21 April 2021
ICMAB’s Communication & Outreach Officer Anna May becomes the new Vicepresident of the ACCC 14 April 2021
Osnat Zapata will defend his PhD Thesis on Friday, 26 March 2021 at 10 am 21 March 2021
ERC 2021 Seminar – A new panel in PE domain: PE11-Materials Engineering 18 March 2021
ICMAB Researcher Núria Crivillers joins the Young Academy of Europe 18 March 2021
The "Matheroes" project selected as an innovative action by FECYT 22 February 2021
Test your knowledge at the "Women in Science League" 18 February 2021
Postdoc Talk: "Rational Engineering of Binary Oxides and Semiconductors for Photocatalytic Applications" by Claudio Cazorla 29 January 2021
Gold medal at Pro Invent 2020 for an ICMAB patent to obtain a flexible electrode 07 January 2021
New SCN2 Direction Board with two ICMABers: Pamela Machado and Jordi Floriach Clark 18 December 2020
Nanomol Group renews the TECNIO certification for the next four years 15 December 2020
"Nanocellulose patches to treat corneal wounds" NN group project finalist at Expoquimia 2020 27 November 2020
Leonardo Scarabelli granted with a "la Caixa" Junior Leader Fellowship 26 November 2020
Lídia Ballell, Poster Prize at the SCN2 II Annual Conference of Nanomedicine 26 November 2020
R&D in B. Braun, a professional career or an attitude towards life? by Pau Turon (Mon, 23 Nov 2020) 12 November 2020
Artur Romanov awarded at the Applied Superconducivity Conference 2020 10 November 2020
Magnetic droplet solitons 10 November 2020
PostDoc Talk: "Understanding heterogeneous ice nucleation on natural and designed surfaces to control ice formation" by Elzbieta Pach (Mon, 16 Nov 2020) 30 October 2020
Mariona Coll and Ignasi Fina awarded with a Leonardo Grant (BBVA) to develop innovative and sustainable scientific projects 14 October 2020
Nanomedicine: from the ICMAB to an award-winning high-school research project 06 October 2020
Open Call of the SCN2 Dresselhaus Awards for nanoscience and nanotechnology research projects 30 September 2020
Accurate iron quantification in colloids and nanocomposites by a simple UV-Vis protocol 29 September 2020
On the Promotion of Catalytic Reactions by Surface Acoustic Waves 25 September 2020
Fatigue and retention in the growth window of ferroelectric Hf0.5Zr0.5O2 thin films 22 September 2020
Nanomol Technologies will participate in a new Industrial Doctorate Project 22 September 2020
Congratulations, Dr. Mayte Gómez Castaño! Our most recent ICMAB graduate! 21 September 2020
The JPhD2020 closes this edition having achieved the highest participation ever! 18 September 2020
Nanotoxicity online conference by Materplat, Nanbiosis and Nanomed Spain on 22 Sept 2020 15 September 2020
Meet Ignasi Fina, interviewed at Materials Horizons Emerging Investigator Series 27 August 2020
Stable anchoring of bacteria-based protein nanoparticles for surface enhanced cell guidance 21 August 2020
Tuning the Cell Uptake and Subcellular Distribution in BODIPY-carboranyl Dyads: An Experimental and Theoretical Study 04 August 2020
Piezoresponse Force Microscopy, a simple method to visualize moiré superlattices 03 August 2020
Round Two of the "Matheroes" project, granted in the FECYT 2019 call for the promotion of science culture 24 July 2020
Blocking of Conducting Channels Widens Window for Ferroelectric Resistive Switching in Interface‐Engineered Hf0.5Zr0.5O2 Tunnel Devices 21 July 2020
ICMAB is awarded with the "Severo Ochoa" Center of Excellence Award for the second time in a row 15 July 2020
Towards photovoltaic windows: scalable fabrication of semitransparent modules based on non-fullerene acceptors via laser-patterning 14 July 2020
Research Internship at Nanomol: Development of fluorescent nanovesicles for theragnostic 10 July 2020
The rechargeable zinc-air batteries project featured in R+D CSIC 07 July 2020
Amanda Muñoz, Finalist in the Biorender Graphical Abstract 2020 Contest 01 July 2020
The ICMAB participates in the EU's most ambitious battery research project: BIG-MAP 26 June 2020
Congratulations, Dr. Júlia Jareño! New ICMAB graduate! 23 June 2020
The day research stood up 19 June 2020
COVID-19 will affect women’s career prospects more than men’s. Here’s what we can do about it. 17 June 2020
Nanoscale Correlations between Metal–Insulator Transition and Resistive Switching Effect in Metallic Perovskite Oxides 16 June 2020
Morphology and mobility as tools to control and unprecedentedly enhance X-ray sensitivity in organic thin-films 12 June 2020
ICMAB Choir sings Gaudeamus Igitur for new graduates, and now for all of you! 10 June 2020
Too Persistent to Give Up: Aromaticity in Boron Clusters Survives Radical Structural Changes 09 June 2020
15th Edition of Spanish Researchers Ranking features ICMAB researchers 05 June 2020
Online Seminar "Face masks during COVID-19 pandemic: current knowledge on materials and reusability" by Jan Grzelak (Mon, 15 June 2020) 05 June 2020
Best Poster Prize for Enrique Pascual at the #HOPV20 Online Conference 04 June 2020
New COVER! The aromaticity of boron clusters makes it to the Front Cover of JACS! 22 May 2020
Superconductor Week talks with Teresa Puig about new improved growth process for YBCO epitaxial films 18 May 2020
Xavier Obradors talks about the new era for materials in "Innovadores" 12 May 2020
Online Seminar "Molecular probes and gated materials in biomedical applications and communication between nanoparticles" by Ramón Martínez (Mon, 8 June 2020) 12 May 2020
Online Seminar "Crystal structure determination by diffractometric direct methods: Evolution and recent advances" by Jordi Rius (Mon, 25 May 2020) 12 May 2020
12 May 2020: Celebrating Women in Mathematics 12 May 2020
José Vidal-Gancedo talks about COVID-19 and temperature on RAC1 11 May 2020
The ICMAB is now a member of the innovation cluster SECPHO 11 May 2020
Manuel Souto, honored with the European Award on Molecular Magnetism Doctoral Thesis 06 May 2020
Albornoz Chamblas, Christopher Gian [Project Manager] 04 May 2020
Crespo Villanueva, Adrián [Project Researcher] 04 May 2020
Coll Bau, Mariona [Tenured Scientist - CT] 04 May 2020
Aliaga Alcalde, Nuria [Research Professor ICREA] 04 May 2020
Turrillas Maisterra, Xabier Mikel [Tenured Scientist - CT] 04 May 2020
Tonti, Dino [Tenured Scientist - CT] 04 May 2020
Palau Masoliver, Anna [Tenured Scientist - CT] 04 May 2020
Mestres Andreu, Narcís [Research Scientist] 04 May 2020
Barrena Villas, Esther [Tenured Scientist - CT] 04 May 2020
Tobias Rossell, Gerard [Research Scientist] 04 May 2020
Ocal García, Carmen [Research Professor] 04 May 2020
Campos López, Francisco Javier [Lab Technician] 04 May 2020
Crespi Revuelta, Anna [Senior Technician] 04 May 2020
Ricart Miró, Susagna [Tenured Ad-Honorem] 04 May 2020
Fontcuberta Griñó, Josep [Professor Ad-Honorem] 04 May 2020
Martínez Navarro, Juana 04 May 2020
Granados García, Javier Alberto José [Tenured Ad-Honorem] 04 May 2020
Fuertes Miquel, Amparo [Research Professor] 04 May 2020
García Muñoz, Josep Lluís [Research Professor] 04 May 2020
Rius Palleiro, Jordi [Research Professor] 04 May 2020
Puig Molina, Mª Teresa [Research Professor] 04 May 2020
Domingo Pascual, María Concepción [Research Professor] 04 May 2020
Casañ Pastor, Nieves [Research Professor] 04 May 2020
Torrelles Albareda, Xavier [Research Scientist] 04 May 2020
Sebastian Reparaz co-author of the Handbook "21st Century Nanoscience" with a chapter on Thermal Transport 20 April 2020
PhD Extraordinary Awards go to four ICMAB Graduates 08 April 2020
Ultrafast transient liquid assisted growth of high current density superconducting films 28 February 2020
5 MARCH 2020: "SCIENTIFILIA" Documentary for the International Women's Day 26 February 2020
New COVER in Chemistry. A European Journal: an active organic radical stable agains racemization! 25 February 2020
Elena Oleshkevich, ICMAB graduate, awarded with the "Producto del Año 2020" innovation award 24 January 2020
Breakthrough in the ultrafast growth of superconducting films with high performances 20 January 2020
New COVER in Advanced Energy Materials: A treasure map to find the best performance of organic solar cells! 08 January 2020
The project "The energy of the future: from the lab to the classroom" has been awarded with a FGCSIC "Cuenta la Ciencia" grant 23 December 2019
CELLUPACK by Camilla Dore wins the "Generating Ideas" programme of the PRUAB 21 December 2019
M. Rosa Palacín at the Christmas Conference of the SCQ-IEC about Li-ion batteries 19 December 2019
Congratulations to NanoEduca, Premi Nacional de Comunicació Científica 2018! 03 December 2019
PBSi 2019: International Conference on Phosphorus, Boron and Silicon 02 December 2019
Clara Viñas and Francesc Teixidor, in the opening of the new school year in Sfax-ESPIN, Tunisia 20 November 2019
Madrid, 29-31 JAN 2020: #NALS2020 2nd International Conference on Nanomaterials Applied to Life Sciences 19 November 2019
Martí Gibert: Poster Prize at the SCN2 First Annual Congress of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 16 November 2019
Amanda Muñoz and Pamela Machado participate in the CSIC #YoInvestigo video contest 13 November 2019
Workshop on Good Lab Practices: UV/Vis, Pipetting and pH 06 November 2019
The ICMAB is now a member of the innovation cluster SECPHO 23 October 2019
Grenoble Barcelona twin conference: From quantum systems to new materials and smart electrical energy 23 October 2019
The ICMAB has a new General Manager: Welcome Joan Ricard Ibáñez! 07 October 2019
The Soft Lab hosts a CSIC course on "Characterization techniques for Particulate Materials" 07 October 2019
Pol Sallés will start his PhD at the ICMAB with a "la Caixa" INPhINIT Doctoral Fellowship 03 October 2019
Zsolt Kelemen, #MSCA IF Fellow of the Week! 02 October 2019
The ICMAB website continues to be the most visible of the CSIC! 01 October 2019
Dolores Bueno in “Naukas” with the “Show your rare!” talk 19 September 2019
Campus Gutenberg 2019 “Del laboratori al prime time: Com aconseguir que la recerca accedeixi un plató de televisió” 16 September 2019
Open Calls for several scientific awards! PhD Thesis, Research projects... Go for it! 13 September 2019
12 Early Stage Researchers will start their PhD within the DOC-FAM MSCA COFUND project 10 September 2019
First KardiaTool project meeting in CSIC Brussels: interview with the researchers 26 July 2019
The ICMAB receives one ERC Proof of Concept Grant for enabling high-temperature superconducting technologies 25 July 2019
Poster Prize for the "Madame Châtelet" project at the Biennial RSEF 2019 16 July 2019
The CSIC Annual Report 2018 is out! 16 July 2019
"Toda ciencia es abierta" by Alejandro Santos in the CSIC Library Network journal "Enredadera" 16 July 2019
An article about "Science Predators" at the CSIC blog "Ciencia para llevar" by Mariano Campoy-Quiles 27 June 2019
Judit Tomsen, PhD fellow at the Nanomol group, best oral presentation at European Student Colloid Conference (ESC) 2019 18 June 2019
Ignasi Fina and Gervasi Herranz, co-authors of the book "Oxide Spintronics" 17 June 2019
The ICMAB celebrates its 33rd anniversary with a morning full of activities for all the staff 14 June 2019
Amanda Muñoz, winner of the #100QSD Twitter science microstories contest 02 May 2019
The ICMAB at the 10th International Postgraduate and Continuous Training Forum #ForodePostgrado2019 28 March 2019
"Trampa de luz" from Cristiano Matricardi awarded in the 16th edition of FOTCIENCIA 26 March 2019
Alexandre Ponrouch receives the International Battery Association (IBA) Early Career Award 2019 in San Diego 03 March 2019
The project "Madame Châtelet" awarded with a FGCSIC "Cuenta la Ciencia" grant 28 February 2019
Inauguration of the International Year of the Periodic Table 05 February 2019
Miquel Torras receives the Extraordinary Award for his Master at the University of Barcelona (UB) 29 January 2019
Published a review on thermoelectric materials, from the very beginning and to the future! 29 January 2019
Alexandre Ponrouch awarded with the International Battery Association (IBA) Early Career Award 15 January 2019
The ICMAB most cited article of all time has more than 7400 citations! 27 December 2018
Martí Gich awarded with a 2018 ERC Consolidator Grant! 30 November 2018
Nora Ventosa designated new numerary member of the IEC 27 November 2018
The ICMAB is the first center in the CSIC in terms of research outputs per capita, according to Nature Index 22 November 2018
The ICMAB congratulated for the participation at Expominer 2018 for all the workshops, Matheroes exhibiton and talks presented 20 November 2018
NANBIOSIS renews its accreditation as ICTS 19 November 2018
The CSIC Gender Equality Certificate to the ICMAB was delivered by the CSIC President, Rosa Menéndez to Xavier Obradors 18 September 2018

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